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Achieving Dietary Inner Peace During the Holidays

As much as family might try, sometimes mistakes happen. “Oops, that had milk in it? Uh oh that green bean casserole has a little sprinkling of bread crumbs.” Next you wind up not feeling so good. I have a few tools I like to keep on hand in my dietary first aid box. First of... Read more »

Eat Allergy Free for the Holidays on ChicagoNow Radio

I will be talking with Bill Leff on ChicagoNow Radio WGN 720 tomorrow live at 10 AM to discuss common holiday foods people can still eat while respecting their food allergies. Additionally, my list of stocking stuffers keeps growing. I’ve also found some allergy free treats that might make your Hanukkah 2009 a little happier. 

The Holiday "Milks" are Here!

For those allergic to milk, soy milk is a lifesaver. All the yummy holiday soy milks have hit the shelves just in time for Thanksgiving. Its fun to see grown ups jump up and down in the “alternative milk” isle at Whole Foods.  Here are some tasty products out there. If you have a soy... Read more »