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Avoiding Allergic Reactions to Alcohol

Some might say an alcohol allergy is as rare as the blue moon that’s coming this New Year’s Eve. According to an alcohol allergy is an adverse reaction to the ingestion of alcohol caused by a deficiency of the enzyme Aldehyde Dehydrogenase, which is necessary to metabolize the alcohol into acetic acid. Alcohol unless... Read more »

How to Cope With an Allergy to Cinnamon

My good friend Sarah Kincaid (who lives near my other favorite city Portland, OR) mentioned that she has an allergy to cinnamon. This time of year can be quite challenging with all the baked goodies and cinnamon topped eggnogs. Many products contain cassia and not true cinnamon. It may be difficult to know which one... Read more »

Why I'm an Accidental Raw Foodist

Being that I can’t eat soy, wheat, or dairy I find I just don’t like veggies without a little somethin’ somethin’. Raw food cuisine provides a lot of tasty alternatives for those of us with food allergies. Here’s a photo gallery featuring some of the top raw foodists that want to inspire us to eat... Read more »

Play with Food: Motivation for a Happy New Year

In 2008 I happened upon Stephanie O’Dea’s awesome blog A Year of Slow Cooking, A New Year’s Resolution. O’Dea “crockpot lady” vowed to use the slow cooker every day in 2008. As she says, “I have an unnatural obsession with my slow cooker but I’m okay with it.” I’m okay with it too because she has... Read more »

Milk and Cookie Pairings for Santa Claus

I don’t know if Santa Claus is following a Gluten free diet or perhaps is lactose intolerant but here are some delicious pairings just in case. By providing these allergy free goodies you will certainly be put on Santa’s nice list for sure.

Achieving Dietary Inner Peace During the Holidays

As much as family might try, sometimes mistakes happen. “Oops, that had milk in it? Uh oh that green bean casserole has a little sprinkling of bread crumbs.” Next you wind up not feeling so good. I have a few tools I like to keep on hand in my dietary first aid box. First of... Read more »

Allergy Free Holiday Favorites

Keeping Christmas dinner allergy free can be a real challenge but Honey Baked Hams are helping out, here’s their message according to their website: We have reformulated our glaze to be considered free of allergens. This means our hams and turkey breasts DO NOT contain glutens. Many of my readers have peanut allergies. Cross contamination is... Read more »

A Shout Out to All the Moms

During this stressful holiday season I can only imagine how difficult it can be to have a child with a serious food allergy. Not only do you feel helpless at times but you have the uncomfortable task of dealing with the other adults who can’t understand why your child’s food allergy has put an end... Read more »

Play with Food: Mud Pies and More

Play with Food is my recap of news, events and helpful hints that I happened upon this week. First up, I want to mention that I had a ball on the radio last Saturday with the fabulous Bill Leff and Jenna Bell, the Right Around Chicago blogger. If you missed the original broadcast here’s the podcast. If... Read more »

All I Want for Christmas

I’ve been a good girl all year. I can only do my best when it comes to negotiating with Santa and the powers that be. All I want for Christmas is: Safer food labels. Life would be easier if labels were consistent and accurate describing the common allergens in BIG LETTERS. I think folks who... Read more »