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"Food" or Art? You be the Judge

In addition to blogging, I am also a visual artist. There are some artists who have worked with food as a medium such as Janine Antoni, who created busts in chocolate and lard. Her technique is chisel these materials with her mouth. I remember making macaroni art as a Girl Scout. I think there are... Read more »

The Crazy Things the Non-allergic Say

Maybe you’ve heard some of these: “You can’t eat anything can you?”“Well can’t you just have a little?”“Oh My God I’d just die if I couldn’t eat ice cream (or cheese, etc.)” Well, here’s some of the delicious foods we can eat: Arghhh. I’m getting all feisty just writing this. I do believe that the... Read more »

We're Not Alone: Celebs with Food Allergies

In keeping with my recent post on the emotional side of food allergies. I thought I would investigate which celebrities allegedly have food allergies. I use the term allegedly because I do not “pool hang” with these people and have not personally interviewed any of them. Most of this information is gathered from popular allergy... Read more »

Thanksgiving Allergy-free style

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. I have to say I am grateful to all the allergy free markets and producers. Food allergy cuisine is a lot better than it used to be! To further keep the EpiPens at bay, I have a few helpful hints dish by dish. Stuffing is a big no-no... Read more »

Gene's Sausage Shop Finally Open

I live in Lincoln Square and I was so very sad when Meyer Deli closed. Even with my multiple food allergies I made good use of that store for things like pickled herring, red beet slaw and sauerkraut. I had mixed feelings about walking into the brand new Gene’s Sausage Shop on 4750 N Lincoln... Read more »

A Safe Peanut Butter Alternative

If you or your kids have a peanut allergy the only safe alternative is soy nut butter. It may seem like common sense to try out other nut butters like almond, tahini or sunflower seed, being that they don’t actually contains peanuts. I don’t advise this because consumption poses too much of a risk due... Read more »

Top Five Food Allergy Sites

Jules Shepard is the goddess of all things gluten free. Shepard uses a mix of five grains and starches to mimic the properties of wheat flour. Shepard also wrote a fun, vintage inspired cookbook titled Nearly Normal Cooking for those with food allergies missing comfort foods. If there were an instruction manual for dairy-free eating... Read more »

Why so many children with food allergies?

I get asked this a lot. So, why are there so many children with food allergies? To answer this properly I would have to be an allergist, doctor, scientist and perhaps a paleontologist but I will do my best. To put it simply we are natural beings living in a very unnatural world. Our environment... Read more »