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Top 10 Badasses of Nutrition

According to Wiktionary a badass is defined as: 1. A mean or belligerent person. 2. A person whose extreme attitudes or behaviors are admirable.  I don’t think any of these diet experts on my list are mean or belligerent, therefore, I’m siding with definition no. 2. Some are vegan and some are hardcore carnivores but... Read more »

Play with Food: The King's GF Menu and More

Believe it or not Burger King has a gluten free menu. I couldn’t agree more with blogger, Heather Strang, while I won’t personally be eating there, plenty of people will. BK does not have gluten free buns so I would hold your excitement. Basically the meat patties, beverages and sauces are gluten free. Apparently the... Read more »