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Play with Food: More Easter Goodness and Creative Use of Peeps

With all the candy and baked foods that come with Easter it’s so important for those with peanut allergies to be especially careful. The Nutty Video site promotes nut allergy awareness. This mission was inspired by the creator’s second child who also has nut allergies. The Nutty Video site will show you how to use an Epi Pen, recognize a... Read more »

Tisk-it-a-Tasket It's an Allergy Free Easter Basket

Spring is finally here and it’s almost time for the Easter Bunny’s arrival. There are plenty of allergy free goodies for your child’s Easter Basket check out this colorful list.  If you really want to play it safe you could also go with non-edible Easter gifts such as stickers, plants, toys and games. Allergy Apparel... Read more »

Play with Food: All About NOT Eating

Today is the Spring Equinox and some of you may be fasting or Spring cleaning (internally speaking). I recommend consulting your Doctor of choice about cleansing as some can do more harm than good. I’ve done the Ejuva cleanse and can recommend it. The lovely Maya Henderson who writes Breath, Body, Balance has blogged about it as well.... Read more »

Play with Food: Spring Holidays and More

There is no reason that allergic kiddies can’t partake in all the Easter basket goodness. Celiacfamily.com has provided quite an extensive list of gluten free candy. Of course if you have allergies such as peanut, dairy or soy will need to further investigate. While I’m still on my sugar free regime, I won’t judge you... Read more »