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Kim & Scott's Cafe Twist

I recently had lunch with Kim Holstein of Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels and she could not be any nicer or more inspired by her work. I was treated to a warm gluten-free pretzel and Mediterranean Salad (sans the feta). The gluten-free pretzel was actually really good and has a biscuit like flavor and consistency.... Read more »

Glow Gluten Free . . . Ready Set Glow

Remember cookies? Those round yummy, crunchy, sweet things that can be found at bakeries? Some of you with celiac or wheat allergies might have forgotten but Jill Brack of Glow Gluten Free offers a delicious reminder. When Jill and her daughter were both diagnosed with celiac disease they found themselves missing their favorite treats. Not satisfied... Read more »

Food Should Taste Good

That’s not just a header for this article but the name of a company that makes yummy, crunchy and salty snacks. I became aware of them when I sampled their gluten-free sweet potato chips at Kim & Scott’s Twist Cafe (more on Kim & Scott’s later this week). I’m not a chip person but I... Read more »

Creamy Drinks for Summer Happy Hours

When you have food allergies you have to be careful about what you order at the bar. If gluten is an issue there is always potato vodka (like Chopin for example), hard cider and even gluten free beers like Bard’s. For those who are lactose intolerant creamy drinks are out of the question unless you... Read more »

Allergy Free Treats for Road Trips

Allergy Free Treats for Road Trips
It’s summer and if your not “staycationing” I hope you are vacationing. Here are some allergy free treats to pack and eat along the way:

A Light Summer Recipe

Quinoa is a great gluten free, high-protein grain. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to it but why deny the rest of you who can enjoy it! Here’s a perfect summertime salad recipe from Joshua Rosenthal’s Integrative Nutrition Feed Your Hunger for Health and Happiness. Quinoa can be found at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and other specialty health... Read more »

If a Goddess Wore Makeup

Makeup artist Sheila Hansen is a beautiful example of what organic makeup and products can do for you. I think it's brave for someone who makes a living using mainstream products to make the switch to natural and organic ones. Unlike some "natural" products the lines she uses are truly high quality and produce desired results.
I was recently shopping at the Andersonville Galleria and I happened upon Sheila Hansen’s space, which was purely synchronistic. I’ve mentioned previously in this blog that I am upgrading my products to those with more holistic and organic standards. It’s not uncommon for food allergy sufferers, especially Celiacs, to have to avoid food allergens that... Read more »

Quick and Easy Guide to Festival Eating

Quick and Easy Guide to Festival Eating
Summer is the perfect time to check out Chicago’s wonderful festivals. I’m looking forward to my personal favorite the Evanston Ethnic Arts Fest this weekend. Not only do I love the shopping but I can usually find something good to eat. That is not an easy task when you have multiple food allergies. Here’s my... Read more »

BG Salon: Allergy Aware Hair and More

Since eating a more pure diet I have also been inspired to do a holistic overhaul of my beauty products. I think those of us with food allergies are just more sensitive to all things we put on our bodies. Many people with celiac disease have to avoid gluten that is present in many common... Read more »

Brunch is Back with Purely Elizabeth Gluten Free Mixes

Hello Brunch! Light, fluffy and gluten-free. Unlike other pancake mixes these are packed with fiber and nutritious ingredients.
I suffer from brunch envy. Remember pancakes and muffins? Well they are back on the menu thanks to Elizabeth Stein, proprietress of Purely Elizabeth. These gourmet-baking mixes are all natural with organic ingredients free of sugar, dairy, wheat and gluten. In September of 2009, Purely Elizabeth was launched. You’ve got to appreciate a woman doing... Read more »