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Gluten Free Celebs

Some celebrities will omit gluten for cleanses or to lose weight. These celebs like us are full-time gluten avoiders. Its good to know we are not alone. Here are some celebrities who just say no to bread:

Healthy Eaters Who Look Good Part II

No one took me up on my offer to show the results of their healthy eating in pictorial form. I guess Chicagoans are truly modest people. Anyway, I thought it was time for a Hollywood version of Healthy Eaters Who Look Good. Many of these diets are naturally allergy free.

We're Not Alone: Celebs with Food Allergies

In keeping with my recent post on the emotional side of food allergies. I thought I would investigate which celebrities allegedly have food allergies. I use the term allegedly because I do not “pool hang” with these people and have not personally interviewed any of them. Most of this information is gathered from popular allergy... Read more »