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Play with Food: Pretty Plating and More

As a single gal I often eat over the sink but I’m finding my no-sugar regime has made me more mindful of the serenity of sitting down to a meal with beautiful plates, candles and napkins. You don’t have to invest in fine China as some resale shops carry fantastic vintage finds. If you do... Read more »

Eat Free Be Free

So far I have survived one whole week without sugar. As I reflect I’m amazed at how one bottle of agave nectar would last only about four days in my cupboard. I’ve had a lot of “detox” headaches. One trick I learned recently from from Author, Speaker, and Life Coach (who specializes in The Power... Read more »

Autism and the GFCF Diet

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to educate myself about autism. While I’m not an expert, Jenny McCarthy certainly is. Her son Evan is autistic. She has authored several books on the topic. Additionally, she is also one of the Board of Directors for Generation Rescue. Autism is defined as a disorder that affects... Read more »