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Food Fighters

I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. In case you haven’t seen the show it’s based on Oliver’s belief that “every child in America has the right to fresh, nutritious school meals, and that every family deserves real, honest, wholesome food.” Oliver’s mision is to see if he can get American... Read more »

FA Holiday Gift Extravaganza

I’m keeping it safe and jolly for Black Monday therefore I’m thinking like Oprah. If Oprah had food allergies and listed her “favorite things” this year it would probably resemble this one. Whether you are young or old, gluten-free or lactose intolerant, may you find inner digestive peace this holiday season.  Beyond a Peanut has created... Read more »

Play with Food: Tweets and More

Kim Hopkins, a.k.a the Food Allergy Coach has a great holiday cordial recipe which makes for a delightful hostess gift. I will be featuring the topic of allergy free drinking in the near future. Tis the season! The Food Allergy Coach helps individuals, families, schools and businesses to understand food allergies “one bite at a... Read more »