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Honoring Moms

With Mother’s Day coming up I got to thinking about some of the most inspiring food allergy organizations and businesses. The modern food allergy mom has many tasks: chef of allergy safe cuisine, nurse and administrator of Epi-pens, internet researcher, and referee at school functions fighting off remarks from parents who don’t get why your kids... Read more »

Play with Food: Doctor Mom's Book Giveaway and More

The more I play with food, the more cool allergy free bloggers I meet. Dr. Rita Malhotra-Kuczabski is a mother, licensed physician, trained surgeon and like a lot of us, a woman dealing with her own allergies. Her site offers information on reaction prevention and management, product recommendations and recalls, current legislation news, weekly tips,... Read more »

A Shout Out to All the Moms

During this stressful holiday season I can only imagine how difficult it can be to have a child with a serious food allergy. Not only do you feel helpless at times but you have the uncomfortable task of dealing with the other adults who can’t understand why your child’s food allergy has put an end... Read more »

The Emotional Side of Food Allergies

This is an exceptionally difficult time of year if you have food allergies. There may be holiday favorites that you miss. It’s especially challenging if you have multiple allergies. Here’s how to cope, emotion by emotion. Disappointed: Focus on what you can eat v. what you cannot. Even if your list of allergens is somewhat... Read more »