Stay Cool My Friends

Stay Cool My Friends

It sure is hot! Years ago when I was broke and didn't have AC I came up with the brilliant idea of putting my sheets and pillow cases in a plastic bag and freezing them for about half an hour or longer. Then I would take them out and sleep on them. I considered myself lucky if I feel asleep before they got warm again. The weather is going to be in the 90s zone for a while so I'm offering the following suggestions:

  • Drink lots of herbal tea. Of course water is great but sometimes drinking plain water can be a flavorless bore. Plus herbal decaffeinated tea trumps H2O because not only does it offer hydration but also anti-oxidants. Celestial Seasonings Peach herbal tea tastes delicious iced.
  • Ice packs are your best friends. An ice pack or even a bag of frozen peas behind the neck will do wonders for your entire body. During the summer I usually go to bed with an ice pack behind my neck and an eye pillow over my eyes.
  • Eat cool to stay cool. If you can't cook or grill now is the time for raw foods, green smoothies, big salads and sushi. Do avoid eating spicy warming foods that make you sweat.
  • Exercise responsibly. If it's too hot to push yourself try calmer versions of Pilates, Yoga or T-Tapp. During the hottest days of Summer its best to exercise early in the morning or at sundown.
  • Eat plenty of carbs. That's right! Eat some carbs. Ayurvedic expert and author of Three Season Diet, Dr. John Douillard, recommends eating a higher-carb diet in the summer as the days are longer. We need energy to go from early morning to our post work summer nights of sight seeing and fun. Consequently, Dr. Douillard also recommends lower-carbs and higher fat in winter and low-fat in the spring.
  • Be essentially well-oiled. Peppermint oil on the temples will help your brain stay awake and keep cool your body.
  • Scream for the right ice cream. For allergy-free folks craving ice cream a few of my favorite alternatives include Annette's Italian Ice in Lincoln Park, Living Harvest Tempt Ice Cream Bars, and anything ice cream by Turtle Mountain. Their coconut milk based ice cream is to die for. Also, you can freeze your left-over green smoothies into popsicle molds.

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    Patricia Biesen is a Holistic Health Coach specializing in helping "eclectic eaters" find delicious alternatives. Eclectic eaters are those with food allergies, diabetics, sugaraholics, vegans or anyone on a specialty diet. She is also a passionate campaigner for positive body image. She has also guest blogged for Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Cancer, Blog World Expo, Living Harvest Tempt and many more.

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