Yumminess from Blake's All Natural Foods

The nice folks at Blake's All Natural Foods reminded me that May is National Celiac Awareness Month. Why not celebrate with something yummy that you don't have to prepare! Blake’s All Natural Foods cook every dish from scratch in small batches, using only the highest quality ingredients, providing healthy, convenient, and yummy gluten-free alternatives.

According to their Website, the Blake’s family farm originated in 1929 on Silk Farm Road in Concord, New Hampshire, and was founded by Clara Blake. By 1945, Clara’s son Roy established Blake’s Turkey Farm, making the fresh-dressed turkey business his sole focus. Eventually countless awards were won for raising the finest free-range, all-natural turkeys in the country. After graduating from Concord High School, Roy's son Charlie attended the Thompson School of Agriculture at the University of New Hampshire, graduating in 1966. After graduation, he immediately became immersed in all aspects of managing the farm. Charlie eventually took over the farm in 1970 and built Blake’s to be a powerful New England brand. These products are certified organic by NH Dept. of Agriculture, Markets and Food. If Portlandia's Pete and Nance ate their food I think they would be quite satisfied.

One day in the spring of 1970, Charlie found himself with some extra turkey meat in the farm’s kitchen and decided to experiment with his grandmother’s recipe for turkey potpie. He cut the vegetables by hand, made the gravy and crust from scratch, and baked 12 pies in the oven. Charlie loaded them in the back of his 1967 Chevy van, drove to St. John’s Church on Main Street in Concord and began selling the pies out of the back of his van. 20 minutes passes and he was out of pies, he began to think he was on to something. Thirty-six years later, the recipe is still the same, using only the finest all-natural and organic ingredients.

While gaining fans with their passion for providing a natural and organic product, they still heard lots of us allergy free folks lamenting that their product sure looked tasty but we can't eat it. So they decide to add the following gluten-free meals: Sheperd's Pie, Farmhouse Sheperd's Pie and Chicken Pot Pie. The "regular" Shepherd's pie is also gluten free as well as dairy and egg free. Foodies who do not have allergies can indulge in Blake's Lobster Macaroni & Cheese and Upside Down Chicken & Waffle Pie plus many more. For Chicagoans Blake's can be found at Whole Foods Market.


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