Evolving with Evolution Juices

Evolving with Evolution Juices

I was shopping at my local Dominick's Fresh Store and happened upon a line of juices I haven't seen before called Evolution Fresh. Most often pre-made juices have way too much sugar. Even though most fruits are thought of as "healthy", high-sugar fruits like mango, bananas and pineapples are not good for those who are hypoglycemic or who have candida. I picked up their Sweet Greens and Lemon blend which resembled a recipe that I often make for myself. I have been crazy busy lately and I haven't had time to juice. This juice blend is derived from celery, parsley, wheat grass, apples, romaine leaves, clover sprouts, cucumber, spinach, lime and lemon. Believe it or not, it tasted delicious and I it made me feel amazing. In fact, I felt so amazing all day that I'm going to keep a continuous stash of these juices in my fridge.

Evolution Fresh juices are exactly that: FRESH. They are squeezed fresh with cold pressure to help retain nutrients. Next I'll be trying the Vital Greens and Essential Greens juice blends. I have to also give props to Dominick's for adding more organic and allergy free foods. While yes they are indeed expensive at least they are there on the shelf along with the Pringles and the other crap. You can also find Evolution Juices at Starbuck's and Whole Foods.



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  • I JUST moved to Chicago from Los Angeles where the Evolution juices are EVERYWHERE. I couldn't find them at my local Starbucks & Whole Foods here though. Which Dominick's carries them? All of them?

  • Dominick's doesn't carry them anymore. Whole Foods (on North/Clybourn) does carry a brand called Columbia George that has some good green juices.

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