Where's the Kombucha?

Perhaps you have noticed that Kombucha is no where to be found these days. Whole Foods has recently pulled the beverages because of elevated alcohol levels that were not indicated on labels. The company is awaiting their suppliers to update their labels. Under government regulations, products containing alcohol levels of 0.5% or more need to carry warning labels. Whole Foods isn't the only location sans Kombucha. It's like a Kombucha prohibition right now. I have tried to find it at Karyn's, Krammers, and LifeSpring Health Foods and everyone has sold out their last bottles of all brands of Kombucha.


One of the most popular brands of Kombucha is M.I.A.

It's hot and I miss my tangy refreshing beverage. If the issue is with alcohol then why not sell it with the booze? Truth be told I wish bars had it on tap. Apparently the other issue is pasteurization. According to a recent article from DailyFinance, "While the Food and Drug Administration has never issued a safety warning regarding kombucha teas, it has made statements in the press that kombucha should be pasteurized, because of concerns about bacteria used to create the drinks and the potential for contamination," said Siobhan DeLancey, an FDA spokeswoman. She also added that pasteurization would also go a long ways toward nixing the alcohol in kombucha teas. However, for many, the whole point of drinking kombucha and other non-pasteurized foods is to get away from processed foods and drinks." I agree the whole point IS to get away from processed foods and drinks. As a closet raw foodist I wish it were completely up to the public to decide if we want to purchase raw unpasteurized foods or not. Kombucha can still be found at some of the farmer's markets otherwise brewing it on your own is another alternative.

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