BG Salon: Allergy Aware Hair and More

Since eating a more pure diet I have also been inspired to do a holistic overhaul of my beauty products. I think those of us with food allergies are just more sensitive to all things we put on our bodies. Many people with celiac disease have to avoid gluten that is present in many common skin and hair care products. I happened to see an ad in Mindful Metropolis for BG Salon, located in Norwood Park. BG Salon offers organic hair color, highlights, botanical perms, hair gloss, up-do's, extensions, lash tinting, air brush tanning and waxing.


According to their statement, "Organic hair color has the ability to achieve all areas of great long lasting color, while maintaining the essential moisture and protein balance of the hair. Using a unique blend of certified organic natural extracts and vitamins, combined with plant derived conditions. Organic hair colors are 100% vegan, made in the USA, not tested on animals, and free of sodium sulfate, betaine, cocamine and petrochemicals." 

BG is one of the few salons that I have ever known to have airbrush tanning without chemicals. The color is not a stain or a dye but a naturally based organic color pigment. It is not tested on animals, because this product doesn't contain harmful ingredients that would require animal testing. Unlike other sprays BG tanning spray contains none of the following: mineral oils, sulfates, MIT, lanolin, parabens, isopropyl myristate, and ormaldehyse. The spray is even safe for expecting mothers. The botanical airbrush tan has five algae extracts designed to remove toxins from the skin's fatty deposits. Chinese herbs help tone and firm skin. 

Recently I have had some trouble with mascara irritating my eyes. I decided to give the organic vegetable based lash tinting a try. During the summer months lash tinting makes total sense because I won't experience that oh so attractive mascara meltdown. It only took about 15 minutes and costs $15. It should last 6 weeks or longer. My lashes are noticeably darker and thicker. 

BG Salon is taking part in the Matter of Trust Hair for Oil Spills program. Each pound of hair woven either into a boom, or a mat, can soak up a quart of oil. BG Salon is located at 6704 N. Northwest Highway and can be reached at 773-763-6322


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  • The information in this article is very accurate, I myself, have frequently visited the salon for my hair needs. I found that having skin and chemical sensitivity has made it difficult to find a salon that can accommodate my needs. BG Salon has made this possible. Not only is the color and hair products chemical free, but they also cover my resistant grey hair the color remains shiny and does not fade. The stylists are helpful, informed and friendly and the prices are just right!!

  • I explored this blog and it adds to my knowledge that BG tanning spray does not contain any chemical and so it’s not harmful for skin and hairs.
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