ZenSoy: The Soy You Enjoy

I'm allergic to soy and honestly I miss it. While it is controversial, within a balanced diet it can be a great low-fat protein source. Soy contains issoflavones that are known to fight osteoporosis, reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and a variety of cancers, lessen menopausal symptoms and improve breast, endometrial, colon and prostate health. Women in Asian countries have been much less likely to experience the menopausal symptoms and the risks of breast cancer because of their consumption of soy. ZenSoy is great for those who can tolerate soy, and who may be lactose intolerant.

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Mmmmm dairy free pudding and 5% of profits go to international wildlife organizations.

According to their website, ZenSoy was started in 1999 by the Schwartz family, dairy producers for 5 generations and founders of the Elmhurst Dairy Brand, which is one of the largest milk producers in Metro New York today. As a family of dairy producers, they were compelled by the growing research about the health benefits of soy to start a company that would bring refrigerated, tasty organic soy products to consumers.

ZenSoy products are USDA "certified organic", which means all the ingredients in ZenSoy products are grown without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. ZenSoy only uses U.S. grown organic soybeans in their products. All ZenSoy products are certified Kosher, Parve by the O.U. and certified vegan. Additionally, ZenSoy products come from non-GMO sources and all products are free of any lactose, dairy, cholesterol, gluten, eggs, casein, peanuts or MSG. If you have a nut allergy you can consume their products safely because their equipment is not used for any type of nut product, so there is no chance of cross contamination. 

ZenSoy's line of creamy puddings is available in Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana and our Chocolate/Vanilla Swirl flavors. I used to love their banana pudding. Their latest product, Soy on the Go, is available in Chocolate, Vanilla and Cappuccino flavors. 

In addition to making high quality products they are also committed to wildlife conservation. ZenSoy has this to say about their mission, "We are true to our products, employees and the environment, and make charitable contributions to organizations, such as those involved in wildlife conservation. ZenSoy will continue to support endangered animals and donate part of its proceeds to conservation groups." ZenSoy is especially committed to saving the Panda. Su-Lin is the mascot featured on their labels. ZenSoy donates 5% of profits to international wildlife organizations. If you feel passionate about saving Su-Lin you can find Soy on the Go for great price at Amazon.com. Dominick's have just started carrying their puddings. Additionally, puddings and Soy on the Go can be found at Jewel and Whole Foods.


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