True Confessions: I Have Testimonial Greed

Today is Summer Solstice, which is not only the longest day of the year but a day that has some fearing what they will look like in their bathing suits. It's important to use your head when finding the right diet but sometimes it's easy to suffer from what I like to call "testimonial greed". Whenever I see testimonials from diet programs I want what they got! I want to be an "after" with a six-pack, glowing skin, no aches or pains, great energy and lean thighs. In my popular article, Healthy Eater's Who Look Good, Mimi Kirk got a lot of attention. She's a vegetarian in her 70s and I want to be like her! Only problem is that every time I try a vegetarian diet I lose hair, my muscles get soft and I get sick. Even though I am also eating as well balanced a diet as possible and taking plenty of supplements; I just don't do well on her diet. Here are some examples of popular media figures and the diets that work for them.

Years ago I followed the Zone Diet and felt great but then I began reading about Ayurveda . . . or maybe it was raw foods . . . or was it Macrobiotics? Anyway, I fell out of the Zone because it wasn't exotic or interesting enough for me. I thought I could do better trying something else. I was greedy! Now I've learned to piece together what works for me. I let my body be the boss. I tell my brain to stay out of it. Because the Zone macronutrients worked for me I just add those "interesting" foods into my program like sea veggies, gluten free grains, greens, super foods, raw nuts and seeds, seafood and organic meats. I also don't calorie count or measure macronutrients. I just eat a protein and a carb at each meal. I eat plenty of fat without thinking much about it. I'm addicted to tahini so getting fat into my diet is not a problem. 

How do you know when a diet is working for you? True health means having plenty of energy, concentration, skin clarity, sexual veracity, and the strength to get things done. Goals are accomplished and you are ready to take charge. When your diet is not working you might experience fatigue, weakness, brain fog, unwanted weight loss, dry skin, depression and even infertility. One caveat, sometimes a cleanse or detox diet may make your temporarily feel worse. If you feel terrible for months or even years, then your diet is not working for you


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