Top 10 Badasses of Nutrition

According to Wiktionary a badass is defined as:

1. A mean or belligerent person.
2. A person whose extreme attitudes or behaviors are admirable. 

I don't think any of these diet experts on my list are mean or belligerent, therefore, I'm siding with definition no. 2. Some are vegan and some are hardcore carnivores but they all push people's buttons. It is often said, "That which seems the height of absurdity in one generation often becomes the height of wisdom in another." Check out my top 10 badasses of nutrition.


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  • Great list--many of my faves on there, too. Interesting that only 2 women made the list, though--are there so few of us who have an impact in the field of nutrition??

  • In reply to Ricki:

    Ricki, that's a great point. I suppose if I could have made a list of 11 badasses I would of also included Marion Nestle too. I wasn't really thinking about gender when I wrote this post. As a woman I am also cheering on other women. Most of my food favorite bloggers are women. I'm a huge fan of Top Chef and in 5 or 6 seasons they have only had one female winner. Iron Chef has only one female Iron Chef. I hope that changes.

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