Play with Food: Motivation for a Happy New Year

In 2008 I happened upon Stephanie O'Dea's awesome blog A Year of Slow Cooking, A New Year's Resolution. O'Dea "crockpot lady" vowed to use the slow cooker every day in 2008. As she says, "I have an unnatural obsession with my slow cooker but I'm okay with it." I'm okay with it too because she has some excellent gluten free recipes and photos of all the ingredients used. Now she has a cookbook called Make It Fast, Cook It Slow.


Gluten free must really be going mainstream because even my Dad who lives in Northwest Indiana tells me there is a GF section at Meijer. Unfortunately, there are no Chicago locations but there is one in Bolingbrook and the Northwest Indiana location is only about an hour away from downtown Chicago.

The new year brings motivation for weight loss, healthy eating and cleansing ourselves of all those bad habits. In January, I'll be featuring super foods, coping with uncommon allergies, and allergy free skin care (being that allergens are also present in things other than food). I also want to delve more into autism and it's connection to food allergies. I've been inspired to do so by my autistic connections on Twitter. I suggest following these folks: Age of Autism, Gen Rescue and autismtoday.
I also want to mention that I am very open to questions or comments. I'm here to help you whether you are looking for a tasty GF donut or where to find a "peanut mom" support group. I can be reached at and you can follow me on twitter: pbisallergyfree.

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