H1N1: Should you get the flu shot if you have an egg allergy?

The decision to get a flu shot is a very personal choice. With nearly everyone getting the swine flu, the flu shot is encouraged by most mainstream medical media. Holistic health experts like Chicagoland's Dr. Joseph Mercola are adamantly against it and feel it creates more harm than good. Having an egg allergy adds additional mental anguish to this decision, being that most vaccines contain egg protein.

If an egg allergy is certain (especially anaphylaxis) one solution is to get the shot in gradual doses. You can receive a series of several flu shots of gradually increasing strengths over an hour or so. This should be done very carefully because of the risk of a reaction. After your last dosage, there should be a watch period of 30 minutes to an hour at the doctor's office. If a reaction happens at least a medical professional will be on hand with medication such as an EpiPen. An EpiPen is an autoinjector of epinephrine (adrenaline) used to treat anaphylactic shock.

If you are among those with severe egg allergies and will not be getting one you might feel better knowing that those around you might be getting immunized.
Personally, I have to side with Dr. Mercola. I don't agree with his every opinion nor am I anti-vaccination. I just don't think there is enough information regarding the side effects of this particular vaccine. Additionally, I have a serious egg allergy and its just not worth going through the possible EpiPen ordeal for "my health". I will be protecting myself with Vitamin D, proper rest, probiotics and lots of green drinks.

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