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A Bloody Valentine's Day Weekend of Events

A Bloody Valentine's Day Weekend of Events
Many horror fans I know seem to prefer to stay in during the weekend of Valentine’s Day and spend it gleefully powering through horror films that tend to fall into the holiday’s theme. Nothing wrong with that! If you’re looking for something else to do or have been getting serious cabin fever (not the rotting... Read more »

Valentine's Weekend Events: The Key Word is Red

Valentine's Weekend Events: The Key Word is Red
No romance will be found here. It may be Valentine’s Day this weekend, but the best options available do not require a partner and three or more is certainly not a crowd. This time, genre plays stand out above the rest. The horror genre will be there for you–especially when it’s Friday the 13th! These... Read more »

Valentine's Day: Bloody Good Horror Happenings

Valentine's Day: Bloody Good Horror Happenings
For the seasoned horror fan, Valentine’s Day generally means thoughts of watching fun horror films like My Bloody Valentine among others, rather than the lovey-dovey aspect shoved down consumers’ throats every February. Surely, every day with a significant other should be special, so let’s focus on the bloody good fun waiting to be had this... Read more »

Blood-Themed Films for Valentine's Day

BLOOD CAR - Blood as Gasoline.
A vegan schoolteacher gets creative when gas reaches $40 per gallon. Living green means a grisly price. The simple solution, of course, is to use blood! While the blood=oil metaphor is blatant, it's a hilarious film. Murder is okay, as long as you're saving the environment!
I’m in the mood for blood-themed films this year on Valentine’s Day. While it’s a tried and true tradition to watch one of the My Bloody Valentine films or horror romances (Sweet zombie love in Fido or twisted teens in The Loved Ones) on February 14th, why not focus on the red? Blood is synonymous... Read more »
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