Need Creepy Electronic Props for Your Haunted House or Movie Set?

Calling all haunt owners, horror/sci-fi directors, prop handlers, collectors, and mad scientists! If you happen to fall into one of these categories and need peculiar, old electronic props, you're in luck. The Cook County Sheriff's Department came across a massive amount of curious items found inside a barn on an old farmstead they recently acquired in Tinley Park, Illinois. They've reached out to me to help find anyone interested in their new discovery!

The interior of the barn appears abandoned and haunted itself, judging by its contents! Some of the electronic devices probably don't work. However, they have interesting features like dials, levers, and gauges, which makes them perfect props. All it'll take is a good scrubbing, paint job, and decorating to fit your project (creepy play, haunted house, or a Dr. Frankenstein's lab set!). These items would actually look great in submissions to the “Faux 50s Sci-Fi” trailer contest for the Sci-Fi Spectacular film festival run by Movieside Films (Terror in the Aisles) each spring.

Take a look through the gallery at a selection of items up for grabs right now (there's definitely more not shown!). You know what they say about one's rubbish being another's treasure!

If you see anything you'd like to purchase or would like to take a tour of the barn to find more creepy, old equipment not pictured, please do not hesitate to contact Sheriff Brian Milich at 708-633-2286 or email He'd be happy to escort interested parties throughout the barn to pick out their own antique finds.

Please note, the only form of payment they can accept is a check made payable to the Cook County Sheriff's Department.

Good luck and happy hunting!


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