October Horror Movie Challenge 2017

October Horror Movie Challenge 2017
Image credit: Kristin Wicks

Helloooooooo, October! Went for a chilly walk tonight and was thrilled to see pumpkins already being placed on doorsteps. More people seem extra excited about the Halloween season this year. Stores have been selling seasonal merchandise for at least a month already. Is this a problem? Never. Now that it's officially October 1st, we can start the October Horror Challenge!

I've posted about this challenge a few times in the past. However, for the uninitiated, the simple idea is to just watch as many horror films as you can during the month of October, with the ultimate goal being at least 31 to fit the “31 Days of Horror” theme.

Many people have their own rules to the game, but I like to keep it simple, yet not so lenient that it doesn't feel like a challenge. The films we watch for the October Horror Challenge are at least 31 that we've NEVER SEEN BEFORE. This way, even the horror veterans out there who say they've seen it all can enjoy searching out new films to discover. There's ALWAYS something new to see, especially since there are so many ways to watch movies these days. This challenge used to be really hard, where I'd have to watch terrible projects to fit the quota. Not anymore!

anguishTry Netflix, Shudder, YouTube (Hammer has their own channel!), Hulu, Archive.org, OpenCulture.com, or turn on the television to find something interesting. I'm pretty excited about this year's challenge, as my Netflix queue is overflowing. Anyone else excited?

Of course we watch horror movies all year already, but it's important to keep investigating the genre instead of watching the same 5 films over and over. I truly don't understand that mindset. Think of this game as research. Making active efforts to find new gems you hadn't studied before.

Subgenres can include pretty much anything that fits the theme. Sci-fi, a giallo you always wanted to check out, exploitation flicks, horror-thrillers, b-movies, body horror, supernatural mysteries, splatterpunk, classics, spooky comedies... whatever. Make it fun for yourself.

Last year, I watched 41 movies in October, but actually failed the challenge! A few were repeat viewings on purpose and by accident. No big deal. Discovered gems I hadn't seen before, like Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell; Rasputin, the Mad Monk; and Kurutta Ippeiji. Plus, horror-themed comedies like the Bowery Boys movies and The Ghost and Mr. Chicken starring Don Knotts.

Remember, “It's not the destination, man, it's the journey!

Have a great time unearthing new films! Be sure to tweet your viewings as you go along, or post on any one of your favorite social media sites. Feel free to tag me or the Creepout on Facebook as you go along, or with your final tally after the month ends.

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