Chicago Revenge Slasher BUZZKILL... The Movie!

Chicago Revenge Slasher BUZZKILL... The Movie!
Buzzkill poster illustration by artist Edward Justin Wright aka PooPooClub.

Chicago special effects artist, sculptor, and director Cyle Williamson just wants to make a feature-length movie about a guy with a buzzsaw. This simple idea came to fruition in the form of a trailer for “Buzzkill,” which screened in front of a few large audiences recently, most notably on October 22nd at The Massacre (an annual 24-hour horror movie marathon) at the Patio Theater. Viewer response was positive, and Cyle is now ready to turn this beast into a full film. “I want it to be a slasher movie where the slasher is the hero.”

buzzkillBuzzkill is styled after the wildly entertaining revenge, action, horror, and exploitation films of the 1980s, with a very prominent Chicago backdrop. Written, directed, and produced by Williamson, it stars special effects artist and mask maker Collin Major as “The Buzzkill,” a straight-laced kind of guy who gets viciously attacked for his beliefs and eventually snaps to the point where total vengeance is the only way to stay sane. Blood, gore, bodily fluids, creative one-liners, and a fast-paced, comical tone makes this project feel perfectly tailor-made to midnight moviegoers!


BUZZKILL is a fun and bloody revenge story set in a fantasy-nightmare version of Chicago. The Scumbags have taken over the city with their dangerous new drug. An innocent man crosses paths with the gang. Drugged and left for dead, The Buzzkill is born. And so begins his violent quest for vengeance...

An Indiegogo campaign has been created to help fund this project into a feature-length film. Fans who help contribute will get a great set of perks (shown below).

perksPERKS! Helping fund this film at different pay levels can get you various one-of-a-kind incentives such as VHS tapes, pins, toys, stickers, posters, a T-shirt, props, or even a role in the movie as one of Buzzkill's victims! Fans donating $200 will receive one of a limited run of 100 LEGO-styled, custom-printed Buzzkill figurines, along with extra goodies.

Funds raised will go directly toward production costs, post-production, and paying cast/crew members. This includes location permits, choreographed stunts, stunt vehicles, practical effects, costumes, SPFX, film equipment, fabrication, extras, and more.

In his campaign statement, director Cyle Williamson expresses his passion for completing this project, which is “a love letter to my family, friends, Chicago, and all the people who call it home.... Having the opportunity to make this film a reality would literally be a dream come true.

Collin Major stars as “The Buzzkill.”

Collin Major stars as “The Buzzkill.”

“Carving a path of revenge with a straight edge...”

scum“If you get high for that ultimate thrill, beware the Buzzkill!”

Learn more about the campaign at

Twitter - @BuzzkillFilm #BewaretheBuzzkill

Facebook - BUZZKILLthemovie

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