Rob Zombie Bringing Great American Nightmare to Villa Park

Rob Zombie Bringing Great American Nightmare to Villa Park

Attention boils and ghouls! A very unique Halloween attraction is coming your way... Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare is set to open in Villa Park this fall for its Midwest Halloween premiere. This year, the attraction expands to two shows (also located in Scottsdale, AZ), which Rob Zombie has stated his intentions to make the 2014 season “twice as sick” as last year's event after listening to visitor feedback.

Collaborating with haunted house producer Steve Kopelman, they wanted to offer fans more access to the Nightmare attractions by opening one close to Chicago, as it has always been a hot spot for haunt activities. Yes, Dr. Satan is indeed coming to the Chicagoland area.

Rob_ZombieRob Zombie will perform a live concert on opening night, September 26th, at the Odeum Expo Center. Tickets are now on sale for this one-night-only event. The haunt runs September 26th through November 1st.

Three haunted house attractions (based on his horror films and characters) are included with entry, as well as a “Bloody Boulevard” that will involve all kinds of crazy creatures running around freely, freak shows, live music entertainment, food and drinks falling within the macabre theme, games, vendors, and other devilish activities.

The three haunts are as follows:

THE HAUNT OF 1,000 CORPSES (Tribute to his film House of 1,000 Corpses) is styled after a traditional, walk-through haunted house with detailed set recreations including the “Museum of Monsters and Madmen” and the “Murder Ride.” Expect to see the usual Halloween frights like animatronics, costumes, curious scents, video effects, and, of course, serial killers.

THE LORDS OF SALEM IN TOTAL BLACKOUT (Homage to RZ's The Lords of Salem film) aims to completely screw with your senses, targeting claustrophobia, fear of the dark, and other terrors within the large, sixty-degree maze.

THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO 3D (Based on Zombie's animated exploitation film The Haunted World of El Superbeasto) will supply each attendee with a pair of ChromaDepth 3D glasses before entering the technicolor bright, animated world of El Superbeasto for plenty of laughs and scares.

Tickets: Opening night Rob Zombie concert ticket (September 26th ONLY) includes entry into all 3 haunted houses and access to the Bloody Boulevard. $45 online/$50 door. VIP 1 tickets $65 online/$75 door. VIP 2 $100 seems to be sold out already! Regular season passes (after Sept. 26th) start at $25 each and includes entry to all 3 haunts and the Bloody Boulevard. Buy tickets HERE.

“Howdy Folks! You like blood? Violence? Freaks of nature? Well, then, come on down to Captain Spaulding's Museum of Monsters and Madmen! See the Alligator Boy, ride my famous Murder Ride. Most of all, don't forget to take home some of my tasty fried chicken! Ha ha! It just tastes so damn good!”

Presented by 101 WKQX (FM), Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare is all ages, but may not be recommended for children under age 13 due to graphic death scenes (see photos on website for a general idea). Want to volunteer to work at the attractions? Apply HERE.

Hours: Thursdays & Sundays 7pm-10pm; Fridays & Saturdays 7pm-Midnight. Located at the Odeum Expo Center, 1033 North Villa Avenue, Villa Park, IL.

For all information, visit the website at

Facebook: RobZombiesGreatAmericanNightmare



YouTube: Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare

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