Tonight: Snowstorm Discount for WildClaw's The Shadow Over Innsmouth

Tonight: Snowstorm Discount for WildClaw's The Shadow Over Innsmouth

The end of the holidays brought with it a heavy snowstorm looming over the Midwest. Could there be monsters in the endless drifts of snow piled all over the city? Possibly. One place sure to have such monsters is the Athenaeum Theatre on this very night! WildClaw Theatre's ongoing production of H.P. Lovecraft's “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” continues despite the weather, with a special snowstorm discount for brave attendees who will only be charged $10.00!

This discount is only for TONIGHT, January 2nd. The show begins at 7:30pm. Simply use the code word ARKHAM at the box office for your $10 ticket! Get your ticket here!

The Shadow Over Innsmouth was adapted by Scott T. Barsotti and directed by Shade Murray, featuring various members of WildClaw Theatre. The production runs through January 26th, but at regular pricing of $17-$25. (Student discounts available.)

Plot summary from the Facebook event page:

Small towns have big secrets. In the dead of winter, an eager young student of anthropology is pulled toward the strange and isolated village of Innsmouth, Massachusetts, where the only thing more disquieting than the furtive townsfolk is the pervasive odor of death, decay, and rotting fish in the air. Some say a pagan cult drove all of the orthodox churches out. Some say there are endless tunnels beneath the town. And some say they’ve seen devils on the reef by the light of the moon. But all who hear its name, spoken in hushed whispers throughout New England, will agree on one thing: there is a dark and sinister shadow over Innsmouth.

Furthermore, WildClaw Theatre also has a great event at the Athenaeum Theatre this Saturday, January 4th, called “Super Lovecraft Saturday!” Listen to a staged reading of Charley Sherman's adaptation of “The Dreams in the Witch House” at 3:00pm with a discussion led by Lovecraft expert Kenneth Hite, followed by their production of “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” at 7:30pm! This double event Saturday only costs $30 total. More info can be found on their event page. Note: Be sure to use code SUPERLOVE for the discount! Get tickets here.

Enjoy your creepy, crawly, monster-laden evening and stay warm!!
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