Celebrate 31 Days of Horror Starting Today

Celebrate 31 Days of Horror Starting Today

Today, it's time again to start the October Horror Movie Challenge for the 31 Days of Horror celebration! Celebrate any way you like, but it's more fun joining up with others in conversation as your challenge goes along, be it in the form of art, film, baking, or books.

The 31 Days of October Horror Movie Challenge is simple enough, but a little tougher for the diehards who already watch horror films all year long. The point is to watch as many feature-length horror films as you can all month that you've NEVER SEEN BEFORE. Write down your list (plan ahead or surprise yourself!) and share your thoughts on social media sites or forums if you like.

For more info and links for where to watch movies for FREE, please refer to my original post about this challenge from 2012 HERE.

Aside from free movie sites, Netflix, rentals, and movies in your own collection you never got around to viewing, another easy way to catch new horror you don't own is via television. Many channels celebrate October with horror film fests. Below are a few ideas:

TCM (Plus Vincent Price Thursdays and Friday Night Spooklight - Films listed on right panel)

AMC Fearfest 10/14-10/31

SyFy 31 Days of Horror


Anything cool I missed for finding free horror movies? Let me know!

Have a wonderful October! Plenty of events coming up, so please be sure to check in! Join The Chicago Creepout on Facebook or subscribe by email to the blogs:

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