Retail Halloween Shopping: How to Get the Good Stuff

Retail Halloween Shopping: How to Get the Good Stuff
Felt bat found at Bed, Bath & Beyond this year for $1.99!

Every fall, my mind races with anticipation of what retail stores will have for Halloween shopping, and the only way to get what you want (i.e. the good stuff) is to have a solid plan. Here are a few suggested pointers that may help if you always find yourself standing in the store aisle staring at shelves already missing that highly coveted item you saw dancing in your dreams.

  • Make a list. In fact, make several. List the stores you frequent each season or those that happen to have items you want. Make another for the products you actually need around the house if spooky home decor is your thing.
  • Every Sunday, scour the inserts that come with the Sunday paper, grab the weekly ads from your favorite stores, and definitely look up retail stores’ Halloween sections on their websites. Study these. Circle or write down what you must have. This will save you numerous trips in case you arrive too early for when stores stock their seasonal items. (Target was on the late side this year. Of course we must get the Pumpkin Spice M&Ms and the white retro monster cereal boxes!)
  • Focus on stores that tend to have a lot of Halloween items in various departments each year and go early in September: Target, Cost Plus World Market, Marshall’s, Michael’s, Walgreens, CVS,  etc. Even department stores like Kohl’s, where I once found a large, fantastic Frankenstein pillow!  Of course, if you live near the shops that focus on horror, those are no-brainers! Fantasy Headquarters, Horrorbles, Spirit Halloween, The Halloween Store, etc. I pretty much hit any and all stores, but it helps to plan ahead online if you are pressed for time.
  • Wander around. Once you’ve hit all the chain stores, why not walk around and enter stores you’ve never been to in case they have something unique? From department stores to the youthful shops around Belmont Avenue, there’s always something spooky to find. This is a nice time to go Christmas shopping for your Halloween-loving friends!
  • There actually are no rules. These are just helpful pointers. Have fun!

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