Deadite Triple Feature at Midway Drive-In!

Deadite Triple Feature at Midway Drive-In!
Evil Dead II.

Horror nights at the drive-in tend to leave memories engrained in our minds for years to come, and this weekend will be no exception thanks to the favored “Deadite” theme! Evil Dead franchise fans will rejoice and gather together at this one night only event at the Midway Drive-In presented by Flashback Weekend!

Saturday, June 8th, a “Grueling Horror Triple Feature” will occur at the Midway Drive-In. The lineup includes Evil Dead (2013), Evil Dead II (1987) and Army of Darkness (1993). If that isn't a schedule made in Deadite heaven, I don't know what is. Okay, maybe if The Evil Dead (1981) was included... They've got a great lineup of bloody fun and Flashback's drive-in nights are simply the most fun any horror fan can experience under the stars with like-minded fans. And those corn dogs, wow!

What is a Deadite? A human possessed by a demon (within the Evil Dead universe) whose body then spirals into a rapid state of decay and they become a gigantic pain in the butt for the protagonists who fight them yet fall for their tricks at the same time. The rules don't seem to be the same for all the films, so I'll just say they are ugly, mean-spirited beings that want to swallow your soul and curse like the best of sailors. Hey, did you know there is such thing as “Evil Dead Wiki?” There seems to be a wiki for everything rocking a cult status! Read more about Deadites there so fans don't hang me for my sub-par definition.

Gates open at 7:30pm and the first film begins at dusk (around 8:30pm or once it gets dark). Adults $8; children $4.

Midway Drive-In website for all info.

Take a look at the fantastic interior of the Midway in a previous post HERE.

Be sure to “Like” Flashback Weekend's Facebook page for updates!

“We are the things that were and shall be again!”


A bit of cool music trivia – Skinny Puppy sampled Evil Dead 2 in the song “Who's Laughing Now?” Enjoy! “I hope you rot down there!”

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