Halloween Dreams in May

Halloween Dreams in May
Kirsten Pfeiffer and Bryan Ruff at HorrorHound Weekend and Mask-Fest 2012. Photo by Kristin Wicks.

May is a time for warmer weather to finally creep in, flowers to bloom, and the sun to shine – so why am I dreaming about Halloween? My last post was about the Creepout's one-year “blogiversary” and within it I referred to the dream that started the idea for this blog in the first place. Another vivid dream about the magical aspects of horror and Halloween occurred last night and I'd like to share it with you all. Granted, I'd passed out early from a sugar-induced birthday cake coma, but my dreams are this detailed and weird on any given day without a sugar trigger.

In this dream, I'd taken an evening stroll to a little shop in search of the simple Halloween-themed trinkets one finds at any Walgreens-type store in the fall. Once inside, the store morphed into this huge warehouse where one could spend all night perusing the goods. The layout was really weird, but fun. Vendor tables were designed in a maze-like spiral so it was easier to focus on each table without being distracted by the next one around the curve. Various artists had colorful, artsy, homemade works for sale that I hadn't seen before. There were zombie heads formed out of large, shiny jewels that glimmered brilliantly in the light. They looked like something Indiana Jones would've found in a cave. I saw unique creatures created from colored wire and metal on another table, and a different artist had sculpted little monsters that flew around via remote control (similar to those little airplane models), which would be amazing to own.

Once through the maze of spooky delights, I became distracted by the many rows of masks lining sky-high shelves that had no end in sight. People were dancing around from aisle to aisle, each wearing a different full-sized Halloween mask, their identities hidden like strangers at a ball. The familiar scent of latex wafted through the air in a magical, nostalgic way. No mask was similar to another. Beasts, classic horror icons, mutants, clowns, animals, nondescript faces – you name it. This was the store of all stores! The one-stop shop for all one's Halloween needs. This wonderful mask section strongly reminds me of a fantastic annual event in connection with HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana called MASK-FEST. I think I've attended each one since the beginning, and I really wouldn't have it any other way. Those masks are much more detailed than the ones you'd find in a store, plus there are numerous creatures you'd normally only see in the movies. The experience of seeing these wild creations up close in person is an amazing treat. Mask-Fest is a MUST for any fans of masks, horror, dark art, or Halloween.

Sidetracked. Back to the dream! I'd wanted to join in the fun at the festive, impromptu party with the masquerading, dancing strangers, but another interesting element lured me away. An artist named David Lady (oddly, one of the artists at Mask-Fest this September!) was decked out like the Crypt Keeper and had a sign-up sheet asking for volunteers to get ghouled-up and take shifts roaming the haunted trail that covered the remaining length of the gigantic store. Considered being a ghoul for the night, but I decided there was still more left to discover in this amazing store before it closed. Let it be known that I have NO idea why David Lady was in my dream, because we've never met, but I'm going to have to blame this on having watched too many of his mask videos on YouTube. If interested, check out Creepy Cheapies. Halloween on the brain, I guess!

An interesting point of the dream to note is that I walked into a tiny shop looking for something small and insignificant like dime store junk toys, but ended up finding a massive treasure in a space that got bigger and bigger as the dream continued. This is a great analogy for the horror genre. If someone says they only watch horror films, it doesn't mean they are closed-minded by any stretch. The genre is exceptionally diverse and there is never a shortage of ways to study it. The deeper you dive in, the more rewarding the discoveries. Jump in! And remember, there's always room for all ages to dance the Halloween boogie!


Just a taste of the masks and genre items found at Mask-Fest! (Photo by K. Wicks)


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