Ten Strangely Thrilling Chicago-Area Events April 20th

Ten Strangely Thrilling Chicago-Area Events April 20th

This week's shocking news events and the severe weather took its toll on many people, but take a look at this list of strangely thrilling events in the surrounding areas of Chicago happening TONIGHT, Saturday, April 20th, that may satisfy any urgent needs for escapism. Thrilling? Sure. Fans of weird cinema and macabre exhibits flock to this type of entertainment. I love this stuff. Most of these options cannot be found in smaller cities. Take advantage of your oddball options!

ANIMAL INSIDE OUT, a Body Worlds Production, is an exhibit coming from Gunther von Hagens that showcases over 100 animals preserved via the plastination process. Can you handle an anatomical safari? Runs through September 2nd at the Museum of Science and Industry.

ANTIVIRAL screens at the Patio Theater. Presented by the Chicago Cinema Society, it is Brandon Cronenberg's debut sci-fi/horror film about a clinic employee who sells injections of viruses that have been harvested from sickly celebrities and sold to obsessed fans – until he becomes ill himself. Runs through April 24th. Info on Patio Theater site.

CASCADE DRIVE-IN is currently open and showing Oblivion at 8pm and Identity Thief at 10:25pm through Sunday. Located at 1100 E. North Avenue, West Chicago, IL 60185. Facebook page.

CREATURES OF LIGHT: Nature's Bioluminescence may just blow your mind. This fascinating exhibit at the Field Museum lets you discover thousands of living organisms that happen to glow, flash, and flicker. Experience the magic of “living light” through glowworms, fireflies, mushrooms, pyrotechnic plankton, millipedes that glimmer when threatened, the Cayman Island's Bloody Bay Coral Wall, and more! Really, you can visit this anytime this year! Visitor Info.

IMAGES OF THE AFTERLIFE is a really cool Egyptian Exhibit at the Field Museum. View the latest 3D imaging technology, CT scans, and of course, the subjects themselves – mummies! Peek inside the coffins and ancient wrappings. Runs through June 9th, 2013.

MIDWAY DRIVE-IN: One night only Flashback Weekend Horror Fest in Dixon/Sterling, IL! John Carpenter's The Thing, Aliens, and The Town That Dreaded Sundown, plus more goodies in store. Vintage concession ads and classic trailers, and a great concession area. Gates open at 7pm. Show begins at dusk. themidwaydrivein.net

ROOM 237 at 3pm and 9:45pm (Subjective documentary hypothesizing the possible secrets and meanings behind The Shining), plus Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight at the Music Box Theatre! Through next week.

SHE SHOULDA SAID ‘NO!’ aka Wild Weed aka The Devil's Weed is a 1949 drugsploitation film presented by Chris Damen as part of Facets Night School. Who's Bad: Lila Leed's One Bad Career Move in She Shoulda Said ‘No!’ covers the sad story of actress Lila Leeds, whose career was all but killed after being caught smoking up with Robert Mitchum, who mostly got off scot-free. Similar morality vibe as in Reefer Madness. Facets Night School Schedule.

SPRING BREAKERS at 9:30pm at the Logan Theatre. This film has affected horror fans in the strangest of ways, but I can't explain how because I haven't seen it. All I can verify is that friends will not stop talking about it. Is it a horror comedy or a surreal, amusing drama? Find out for yourself! Four college ladies end up in jail after robbing a restaurant in hopes of funding their spring break vacation together. A drug dealer bails them out and expects them to work for him. Trailer. Ticket info here.

ZOMBIES - 6th Annual Zombie Pub Crawl at pH Comedy Theater 1515 W. Berwyn Avenue from 2-9pm. chicagozombiepubcrawl.com

Under 21? Spend Zombie Day at Ashbury Coffee House, 8695 S. Archer, Willow Springs, IL from 11-6pm! Money raised will fund Arts of Life, an art program helping the mentally and physically disabled. Vendors, films, and zombie contests. Facebook Event Page.

Read more about the drive-ins tonight HERE!

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