Blood-Themed Films for Valentine's Day

I'm in the mood for blood-themed films this year on Valentine's Day. While it's a tried and true tradition to watch one of the My Bloody Valentine films or horror romances (Sweet zombie love in Fido or twisted teens in The Loved Ones) on February 14th, why not focus on the red?

Blood is synonymous with certain films in my blood-spattered book. Certain titles scream crimson, wet, sticky goo in my mind upon hearing them. Examples: The Shining (Elevator Blood Flood), Dead Alive (Lionel's Lawnmower Zombie Liquidation), Carrie (Pig's Bucket o' Blood), Hellbound: Hellraiser II (Julia's Mattress), Trouble Every Day (Psychosexual bloodlust), Inside (Baby Mama Drama), The Descent (Cave Blood Pool), and plenty more.

However, I've composed a gallery of movies below that contain a strong emphasis on the subject of blood with a deeper meaning than your average sanguinary slasher, gorefest or cannibal flick.  Enjoy!


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