October Horror Challenge Recap (As Promised)

October Horror Challenge Recap (As Promised)
Beautiful scenery in Razorback

Halloween season has come and gone, but most assuredly has not been forgotten. Last month, I did a post on the October Movie Challenge aka 31 Days of Horror Movies, and promised to post my tally when it was over. I hope everyone that played had fun along the way. I watched 71 films last month. However, after subtracting comedies and repeat viewings, the count for horror movies *new to me* for the challenge is 42.

Instead of just listing all the films, I'll note 5 highlights that stood out:

A Lonely Place to Die - When a group of mountain climbers find a girl buried alive in a chamber, they try to take her to safety as the kidnapping killers chase them through the wilderness on a wild, exciting game of “Catch me if you can.” When a film's protagonists go rock climbing in a horror movie, you start to get a pretty good idea of what's to come. Not so true with this one. It went off in several directions, much to my delight. Technically, it's a tense thriller, but it certainly counts as a horror film as well.

Razorback - For a killer pig movie, this sure blew me away with its breathtaking cinematography (see feature photo above) and high entertainment factor. The bizarre dichotomy between the wild plot and the impressive visuals kept my interest level on high. I'd really like to see this on the big screen someday. Razorback has eluded me for so many years. Glad it didn't disappoint! It's hard to not want to visit the Australian outback after viewing this movie!

The Revenant - I can't recommend this one enough. I almost don't want to talk about it because it's better to go in without expectations. It started out like a slow-paced zombie comedy, but following a zombie's journey of trying to get rid of bad guys while using them as his own lunch (with help from his sarcastic best friend) really took it to a deeper level than one would ever expect. In fact, it turns into a zombie drama. Hilarity, a surprising range of depth, exceptional makeup FX, and a great acting performance by David Anders bring so much to the table. I really hope to see a sequel happen.

The American Scream - A wonderful documentary focusing on several families in Massachusetts who pull all the stops – no matter what little money they have – for turning their yards into kick-ass, homemade haunted houses. These people LIVE for it. Every fan of Halloween should give this a look. It's streaming on Netflix now!

Calamity of Snakes - This goes on the list of “Weirdest Films Ever” without blinking an eye. SNAKES! Everywhere! No kidding! They're really everywhere! It's almost comical how obvious it is that people off camera were literally just throwing live snakes at the actors like confetti, but the fact that real snakes were killed is no laughing matter. It was a different time and a completely different culture, but heed that warning if you have a queasy stomach.

No matter what your Movie Challenge final count was, be proud of yourself for taking on the project, learning more about horror movies in the process, and getting the chance to check off all those films on the “To See” list. Until next time! Feel free to list your challenge highlights in the comments section!

Should we do another challenge for Christmas? Maybe the “Twelve Days of Axe-Mas?” I figure twelve days is just about all anyone could manage in December.


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