Terror in the Aisles Event Recap

Terror in the Aisles Event Recap

Another successful Terror in the Aisles event has passed, and fans had a blast getting the rare opportunity to meet these particular celebrities, all thanks to Movieside Films for putting on this great festival at the Portage Theater. I was able to attend, despite a hideous case of motion sickness. Sure, I was late because I had to buy a box of Dramamine in order to handle any kind of movement on the movie screen, but it beats going back home and moping about what I was missing! Dizziness aside, I ran into many good friends – even ex co-worker friends that haven't come out to events in ages. It was a great night, indeed.

I snagged a nice photo of the prop cups from THE STUFF, which are reportedly the last remaining cups from the 1985 film. To my surprise, the cinematographer, Paul Glickman, was present, and right there in front of my face! Rusty Nails (Movieside) introduced us, and he gleefully posed (see below) for a few photos I was taking. Very nice guy with fun stories about director Larry Cohen (who was unable to attend) and working on the movie.

First up was the Midwest Premiere of IRON SKY, a sci-fi comedy about Nazis in space. You heard me. A secret Nazi space program evades imminent destruction by fleeing to the Dark Side of the Moon. Flying saucers and comedic chaos ensues. Even better, one of my favorite bands, Laibach, composed the soundtrack. It's already available, too. See the track listings HERE.

Before the mad rush of fans got in line, I approached Patty Mullen earlier in the night. She played the lead role in FRANKENHOOKER, where she did a great job at playing a quirky, unforgettable character. She was really cool and sweet, signed my DVD and took a photo with me. Did I mention photos and autographs at Movieside events are free? You really cannot beat that with a stick. Patty had some pretty cool t-shirts, photos, and little figurines at her table – not to mention the bust with the actual bra prop from the film, seen in the feature photo of this blog!

The second film to screen at 10pm was THE STUFF, but first was the Q&A with cinematographer Paul Glickman, the nice chap in the photo above. He told some funny stories, then we were shown a Skype video message from director Larry Cohen, which soon became a comedy of sorts. After what seemed like a half an hour, the audience started getting uncomfortably giggly, as each time it seemed like Mr. Cohen was wrapping it up, “...And then this one time...” and the audience would groan again. Everyone loves Cohen, but the extended message was cutting into the screening time. It ended up getting shut off so we'd get out of the festival before dawn! Maybe the message will be posted on YouTube somewhere so we can watch it in its entirety sometime. Hilarious stories, but usually Skype intros are ten minutes max!

The final film, of course, was Frank Henenlotter's wildly funny FRANKENHOOKER, with “Frankenhooker” herself, Patty Mullen on stage for the Q&A! Great to finally see it on the big screen after all these years. Patty did an auction for the bra, and had girls come up on stage to do the memorable Frankenhooker walk!


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