Got the Guts? Play the October Movie Challenge!

Got the Guts? Play the October Movie Challenge!

Hello ghouls and boils! It's time for the October Movie Challenge! 31 Days of Horror! 31 Films to Die for! Whatever you call it, there's a cool DIY event many horror fans play every fall. One finds out their potential stamina for marathon horror movie viewing by testing their limits with this challenge.

The Chicago Creepout challenge is quite simple. Watch at least 31 feature-length horror movies you've never seen before during the month of October. MY rules: Watching any in September does not count. Otherwise, wouldn't it be titled, “The Fall Movie Challenge?” Ooh, key word – CHALLENGE. This means it's going to be tough, but I have faith in you. Jobs, kids, events, parties, and more will try to divert your attention. Be strong! Vigilant! Let them join! Multitasking is your friend! Missed a few days? No problem. Pull a marathon on the weekend. Speaking of marathons, knock out a bunch by attending one or both of the 24-hr horrorthons in the city. The Music Box of Horrors is Oct. 13th, and the Massacre at the Portage Theater is Oct. 20th.

Okay, got it? Horror-based movies. October. New to your retinas. Try for 31 or more. Piece of cake. I'm curious how well I will do this year, as my film viewings have gone down considerably since I got a few writing jobs. I've been playing this game for a few years over at my favorite message board, The Rue Mortuary, and it's always fun recruiting new players.

Your picks may be in any subgenre of horror, from sci-fi to giallo to exploitation, etc. Fill your month with cannibalistic fiends, supernatural mysteries, ghoulish zombies, splatterpunk, demonic thrillers, classic monsters, b-movie insanity, body horror, and more!

There's bound to be more out there, but these movie-watching sites are legal and FREE: - A decent variety of horror. (Recommend: TOKYO ZOMBIE) - Did you know that both TROMA and HAMMER FILMS have their own channels? - Small, but decent variety. (Recommend: ANATOMY) - Free films are on a set schedule. - Get your b-movie fix here! (Recommend: BLOOD SPATTERED BRIDE) - This one is mind-blowing. - Not much for horror, but it's worth a gander. - Free educational media site! Great for a wide variety of films, books, and free courses! Scroll to bottom of the O.C. link's page to find even more free sites!

I will post my final viewing list in early November, and you trusty readers are welcome to post your highlights as well in the comments section. Let me know how you did! Your final tally doesn't matter. Just a few? Hey, you tried! As long as you try your best and discover new films in the process. It's not a race, just an addictive annual tradition to add more stress to the average horror fan's already busy October schedule! It's not called a “Challenge” for nothing!

Cheers to super bloody, gut-munching, ghostly, out-of-this-world viewings!


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