The War on Sleep: 24-Hour Horror Film Marathons in October

The War on Sleep: 24-Hour Horror Film Marathons in October
Child's Play

No rest for the wicked... Horror fan? The war on sleep begins every fall. It's a tough time for horror fans. No matter where you live, there's never a shortage of fun during the Halloween season. Remember the days of just going to a haunted hayride and calling it a day? Now, especially in bigger cities like Chicago, there are tons of movie screenings besides the usual October activities. An annual tradition for the diehards, of course, is the twenty-four hour horror movie marathon.

24-hour movie fests are greatly cherished amongst horror film enthusiasts. An all-encompassing challenge, it marks the test of a true horror fan to some. “Who will survive, and what will be left of them?” It's a personal challenge for each, as it's largely a physical test, too. Think of horror-thons as the Olympics for horror fans. Mental tenacity and physical capability must prevail. Don't be that guy that gets made fun of for bringing three pillows and snoring over the audio. Experience the entire thing. Monster Energy Drinks are your friend – just this once.

Spending so much time in the theater encourages socializing. We keep each other awake while giggling with strangers over a mixture of shared excitement and sleep-deprived delirium. Sure, you may smell, your teeth are coated with a thick layer of sugary plaque, and your greasy face is impressing no one, but, hey – you did it! Being one of the last standing is a proud feeling. If you don't crash your car on the way home, you'll pass out for another 24 hours. All part of the process.

This year may be the toughest yet. Every October, the masses have flocked to the Music Box Theatre for the annual 24-hr Massacre. This year, however, Movieside Films will be taking the "Massacre" event to the Portage Theater, and the Music Box will still hold their 24-hr horror-thon the week before. This means that fans who choose to attend both events will not sleep for two weekends in a row! Hardcore, sure, but that's how we roll in Chicago.

Read on for the tentative information for BOTH 24-hour horror marathons. More movies are TBA, but the lists are looking great so far. Tickets are already available and are set on tier pricing, so the later you wait, the more you pay.

October 13th - MUSIC BOX OF HORRORS at the Music Box Theatre. 24hrs from noon to noon.

Films include: The Burning, The Golem, Child's Play, Phantasm, The Deadly Spawn, Blood Diner, Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf, Squirm, Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal.

Actress Sybil Danning (Howling II) and director Jeff Lieberman (Squirm) will be present for Q&As! Vendors, charity benefit for Vital Bridges, food trucks outside, and NEW SEATS. Whaaat? New seats will make many people happy, though after 20 or so hours, your butt will be sore regardless, sorry. Tickets are $30 until 9/15, then $35 until 10/12, and $40 at the door, day of show. Info HERE.


October 20th - THE MASSACRE at the Portage Theater, presented by Movieside Films. 24hrs from noon to noon.

Films Include: The Black Cat, Witchfinder General, Frenzy, Return of the Living Dead, Dead Snow, Halloween II, Nightmares (An’80s anthology), Prince of Darkness, Phantasm II, Hammer's Curse of the Werewolf, Hausu.

Actress Linnea Quigley in person for Q&A, free autographs and photos! Vintage trailers, vendors, short horror film contest, costume contest, zombie make-up station, short films, charity auction for Vital Bridges. Tickets are $20 until 9/24, then $24 until 10/19, and $25 at the door, day of show. Info HERE.

Plan your trips accordingly, rest up, and tell your friends!

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