Midwest Horror Premiere with Legendary Director Joe Dante!

Midwest Horror Premiere with Legendary Director Joe Dante!

If the name Joe Dante doesn’t sound familiar, it might help to take a gander at his IMDb page. Scroll down and be amazed at all the recognizable titles, like Hollywood Boulevard, Piranha, The Howling, Gremlins, Innerspace, The ’Burbs, and more. Most of Joe’s works are beloved to many horror fans – including his work in television with fan favorites such as Amazing Stories, The Twilight Zone, and Eerie, Indiana.

Next weekend on Friday, August 10th, filmmaker Joe Dante will be at the Music Box Theatre to present the Midwest Premiere of his still-undistributed 2009 horror film, The Hole. This movie is described as marking his return to the B-horror movie genre, which is sure to make his diehard fans incredibly happy. The event is co-presented by The New Cult Canon, with an introduction by Scott Tobias of The A.V. Club.

The Hole is a family-friendly horror film focusing on two brothers who moved from NYC to a small, sleepy town where there isn't much else to do but stare at the pretty neighbor girl and poke around the house while their mom is gone. They find a mysterious hole under a locked trap door in their basement, which appears to be a bottomless pit of darkness. Evil is soon unleashed, and they must face their darkest nightmares to end the problem. The film was originally shot in 3D, but this screening will be in 2D.

The Hole begins at 9:30pm, immediately followed by a Q&A with Joe Dante. At midnight, Dante will introduce Gremlins 2: The New Batch, this being a very nice 35mm print from his own personal collection. Cameras are welcome during the Q&A.

Tickets for the event cost $15 each and can be purchased in advance on the Music Box site.

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