Hitchcock and Pod People: Classics on the Stage and Screen This Week

Hitchcock and Pod People: Classics on the Stage and Screen This Week

It is my belief that fans of cinema must try to experience as many films in 35mm (and even 16mm if you’re lucky) on the big screen as possible. Despite revival houses and documentaries currently being made about preservation efforts, it seems like 35mm is a format we fans have to consider as precious as a rare jewel. I don’t want to see the day where coming across a print would be akin to finding some sort of holy grail, but modern technology is rapidly shoving consumers in that direction. There is something raw and real about watching a 35mm print, with all its hiccups and flaws and the occasional burn mark. It’s cinema, man. The real deal. I love the crack and pops and everything connected with the experience.

This Thursday, July 5th, the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) will be screening in 35mm for only $5 at the Portage Theater! Presented in SuperScope, the Northwest Chicago Film Society projects this classic at 7:30pm, along with trailers of 1950’s Sci-Fi Thrillers! Based on Jack Finney’s novel, The Body Snatchers, this paranoia-inducing sci-fi thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat.

July 5th is also the opening night for The 39 Steps, a stage adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1935 film of the same title. Directed by David New, the suspenseful thriller will be a bit different on stage, as Patrick Barlow created a comic adaptation instead. This “innocent man on the run” story features only four actors performing more than 150 characters! The play has won two Tony Awards, so fear not, it must be pretty darn good. It’s no secret that Hitchcock had a weird sense of humor himself, so I imagine he’d have given his blessing on the idea. Runs through Aug. 26th.

For the horror crowd, on Friday night, Doc Films will screen Michael Mann’s 1986 classic, Manhunter at 7 & 9:15pm. Before kids ran screaming at the sight of Anthony Hopkins’ masked face in Silence of the Lambs, Brian Cox was playing Hannibal Lecter in Manhunter. Info.

Plenty to do, but many of you will probably be relaxing at post-holiday BBQs, possibly saving up that energy for the crazy amount of events going on next weekend!

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