20+ Year Wait Is Over for Nightbreed Fans

20+ Year Wait Is Over for Nightbreed Fans

It took over two decades for this to happen...

Clive Barker’s NIGHTBREED released in 1990. It is a very unique, dark, extraordinary film about outsiders and who the true monsters really are. Well, it’s much more than that. A film that’s always struck a chord with me, it instantly became one of my favorite films of all time. It survives in its own category. A world where the monsters are not what should be feared, but man himself.

After all this time, we’ve never seen the entire movie.

Mark Miller of Seraphim Films spent countless hours in pursuit of finding the lost material to complete this film as much as possible. The studio "powers that be" told him they had access, but that it was a pointless endeavor, as there wasn’t even enough interest in it for a Blu-ray release. Well, we fans signed the petition right away! Using material from three separate sources, the Cabal Cut was born. This is the cut that fans have been waiting decades to see. After a successful screening in LA recently, Morgan Creek, the studio that owns the rights, has given full permission to show this cut around the world and allow the raising of funds in preparation for a Blu-ray release! The fans have spoken.

Read the FULL story on how this all came about!

The new 155-minute composite Cabal Cut of Nightbreed shall grace the big screen for a midwest premiere in Chicago Friday, July 13th! Doors open at 7pm, Nightbreed begins at 7:30pm! This once-in-a-lifetime event will be a very long evening of wonderful dark cinema at TERROR IN THE AISLES 10 at the Portage Theater. Restoration Director Russell Cherrington and Seraphim Films' Creative Executive, Mark Miller, will be on hand to answer questions and explain everything fans have been dying to know about their preservation efforts. Added bonus: Star Anne Bobby ("Lori") will be present for a rare Q&A! Autographs and photos are free!

Oh, but the night’s only just begun! It’s a triple feature night of horror! Next up at 10:30pm is a 35mm screening of Clive Barker’s HELLRAISER, followed by a midnight viewing of CANDYMAN in 35mm! What else? Three short films: Tape by Jason Coffman, Weapon by Don Thacker, and Lowcarbcomedy's Hellraiser. Trailers, vendors, charity auction and more. It will be a night to remember. $12

A second night has been added on Saturday, July 14th for a midnight screening of Nightbreed with Russell Cherrington in attendance for another Q&A. $10. I am tempted to attend both!

Get tix here! Super rare event!

Portage Theater event info.

See OccupyMidian.com and be sure to sign the petition!


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