This Week in Movies: Fundraiser, Prom Night Gone Wrong, Kung Fu Cinema Preservation

This Week in Movies: Fundraiser, Prom Night Gone Wrong, Kung Fu Cinema Preservation

Another fun weekend of horror and just plain weird events is upon us, as there's rarely a dull moment when it comes to oddball cinema in Chicago. The first event is a bit last minute, but it's a fascinating way to spend a Thursday evening as an alternative to rolling around like a bloated blueberry because you agreed to hit the all-you-can-eat nacho bar after work. Skip that salty scenario for another sodium fix of theater popcorn topped with entertainment.

Tonight, May 31:

Local filmmaker John Borowski will present a double bill of his award-winning serial killer documentaries, H.H. Holmes: America's First Serial Killer at 8:00pm and Albert Fish at 9:30pm. Instead of exploiting the horrific acts that occurred, director Borowski chose to go the informational route, being as historically accurate as possible. H.H. Holmes is the first feature-length film to study the life of Herman Mudgett, aka Dr. H.H. Holmes, who created a "Murder Castle" in Chicago. He lured people visiting the World's Fair in 1893 into renting rooms from him and they really had no chance against the gas chambers, pits and crematory he'd built within. Proper reenactments, interviews and photographs from that period will be shocking, but informative. Albert Fish is the story of a NYC sadomasochistic cannibal who lured and tortured many children in the name of atonement and skewed biblical tales. Meet director John Borowski, Matthew Aaron and comic book publisher Charles D. Moisant. Entry is only $10 for the entire night, and the proceeds will help fund Borowski's latest film, Carl Panzram: The Spirit of Hatred and Vengeance, which is set to screen at the Portage Theater August 12. See Portage Theater for ticket info.

Friday, June 1:

Horror Society and Ain't It Cool News present the midnight Chicago premiere of The Loved Ones at AMC River East 21. Spoiled Lola wanted unsuspecting Brent to be her date to the prom, but he made the unfortunate decision of declining. Need I say more? This movie should help if you think YOUR prom night sucked. It’s a gory time, but somehow it’s also quite cute and endearing at the same time. Recommended. Level of fun = High. Also, there will be a contest for Prom King and Queen, so be sure to dress up if you want that crown! There will be a table set up in the lobby for picking up online ticket orders, as well as last-minute ticket purchases. Seats are limited, so be sure to check the Tugg tickets site to see how many are left before you make a trip out there. (As of this morning, there are 36 remaining seats.)

Another option for Friday night is a unique night of Kung Fu movies in 35mm! The Chicago Cinema Society hosts rare screenings of The Fists of the White Lotus and Master of the Flying Guillotine. Dan Halsted, director of the 35mm Shaolin archive, will be present to discuss their collection, preservation efforts and their desire to increase cultural awareness of Kung Fu Cinema in America. Even better, between the films, there will be live Kung Fu demonstrations from local Wushu schools! Portage Theater, 7pm.

If none of those activities work out, you can always rely on the Music Box Theatre for cinematic entertainment. Take your pick of either Ghostbusters or Chronicle at midnight in 35mm, of course.


Stay tuned for what's in store for next weekend. Hint: Break out your bell bottoms and f/x makeup.

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