Summer Drive-In Madness Has Begun!

Summer Drive-In Madness Has Begun!
The Midway Drive-In

There are people out there who think the drive-in is dead. At one point in my life, I’d feared the same notion. Oh, no. Not the case. That’s just silly talk. While the number of operating drive-ins has been greatly reduced over the years, they are far from dead. In fact, there are two of them showing double features this weekend! Next weekend, too! And so on! Wild to believe that in today’s advanced technological age, we still have choices as to which drive-in to pick on the same night. Insanity. The interesting thing about tonight’s screenings – both have double features including The Avengers. Consequently, the additional film can help determine whether you want a PG13 kind of night or to end the evening with a mind-melting horror film.

The Midway Drive-In, around since 1950, is actually a historical landmark and has the honor of being the oldest drive-in screen in Illinois! The giant screen spreads a whopping 90 feet across! TONIGHT and tomorrow, see The Avengers at 8:15pm and The Cabin in the Woods at 10:30pm.

If you’ve got a wagon full of superhero-lovin’ kids in tow, maybe a better bet would be to hit the Cascade Drive-In instead. The Cascade, since 1961, is the largest outdoor cinema in Illinois. TONIGHT through Sunday, they’re screening The Avengers at 8:30pm and Dark Shadows at 11:00pm. It’s more of a kid-friendly night, though it’ll still run pretty darn late past their bedtimes.

As if spending your weekend under the stars wasn’t relaxing enough, head on back for more outdoor fun next week! There’s a big night planned at the Cascade next Thursday, May 17th, affectionately themed a "Zombie Apocalypse" double feature event, presented by WBEZ 91.5FM as part of their Off-Air Event Series. The fun starts at 8:00 pm, so get there early, $15 per car or $12 per WBEZ member car. Filmspotting podcast co-hosts Adam Kempenaar and Josh Larsen will introduce Zombieland and Shaun of The Dead. Zombie comedy at its finest, otherwise known as “zombedies.”
Note: If you’ve been watching this event for weeks, you've probably noticed the original lineup had included George Romero’s classic Dawn of the Dead, but now lists the hilarious yet self-aware Zombieland instead. The 35mm reel of Dawn arrived damaged.

Per Breeze Richardson of WBEZ on the event page comments:

WBEZ and our friends at Filmspotting are so sorry, but after the 35mm film was received here in Chicago we learned there was damage to the reel which meant we couldn't screen "Dawn of the Dead."  We are bummed, too!  If anyone purchased tickets with the previous line-up and would like a refund given the change, we understand and will process it (contact 

Otherwise, come on out for a wonderful night at the Drive-In, with a "ghoulish prize" for the first 100 cars!

Tickets and further info.

See you at the Drive-In!

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