Putin will keep Crimea and there is Nothing we can do about it.

Nobody knows for sure what Vladimir Putin is up to but you can bet whatever it is it’s not good. After putting up with the unrest in Ukraine during the Olympics he now must feel he needs to save face. Russians are a very proud people and Putin is no exception. He’s going to do what he thinks he needs to do and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Actually, there are all kinds of things we could do but Putin knows what the rest of the world says is nothing but words. The United Nations is all about keeping the peace and Russia has used that to their advantage before. Georgia and Afghanistan come to mind.

Ukaine has appealed to the UN for help after Russia invaded Crimea – land that was “given” to Ukraine in the 1950’s. Putin claims he’s just protecting the Russian speaking population but I’m willing to bet he’s taking back the land and plans on keeping it.

President Obama and his administration has warned of serious repercussions for Russia’s actions, one of which includes dropping Russia from the G8 summit. That probably means as much to Putin right now as if he were being excluded from Obama’s next birthday party.

While the rest of the world debates, fumes, complains, shakes their fingers and generally voice their displeasure with Russia, Putin will be digging in for the long haul. While the UN works towards a peaceful resolution, Putin will be installing his own people in Crimea who will be calling for a popular vote to secede from Ukraine.

News reports claim that the people of Crimea welcome the Russians back on their soil and that bodes well for Putin. They will do as Putin requires in order to appease him, probably because they know what’s good for them. And who knows, perhaps they actually do welcome the Russians back into their lives.

Now I’m no political scholar and certainly don’t possess all the information I need to make an informed guess on how best to respond. That’s why we have ambassadors and military strategists. They cover all the bases. I’m just going out on a limb with my opinion on the matter, and in my humble opinion Putin will get exactly what he wants while we stand idly by with our clenched fists threatening all kinds of nonsense. He knows we would never bring military force against Russia especially when Russia has UN veto power on that. The best we could ever hope for is to ask Putin to please pull his troops out of Ukraine and he obliges. But will he? Nyet.

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