Castle Chicago, The Next Big Thing!

After six months of renovations and reinventions, Castle, Chicago’s newest multi-venue nightclub will host it’s grand opening weekend March 1 and 2, 2013.  Castle is located at 632 North Dearborn, the site where two of Chicago’s most popular and iconic nightlife venues, Excalibur and Vision, stood for almost two and a half decades. The new... Read more »

What Chicago High School Seniors should do BEFORE the strike

One of the biggest stressors for college bound seniors is meeting deadlines for the various steps in the college application process. If Chicago Public School (CPS) teachers go on strike next week, students may find it more difficult to meet these deadlines because they may not have the support system from school based guidance counselors,... Read more »

Understanding Accreditation, the "A" word that got Westwood in trouble

Last week, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed a lawsuit alleging wrongdoing by Texas based Westwood College. Although the college was accredited by a national educational accrediting agency, the credentials awarded to graduates of the college’s criminal justice degree programs did not meet the accreditation conditions most local, state and federal law enforcement agencies required... Read more »

Are Westwood students victims?

Are Westwood students victims?
Westwood College is being sued by the Illinois Attorney General’s Office for allegedly misleading students enrolled in its Criminal Justice degree program. According to the AP, college officials allegedly led students to believe that upon graduation, they would meet the educational requirements necessary to apply for law enforcement positions within agencies such as the Chicago... Read more »

December to-do list for college bound students

It’s December already. By now, your college bound high school senior should have already met with a high school guidance counselor, obtained certified copies of transcripts and other required documents, written their admissions essay and, registered for the ACT ® and/or SAT®. Here are a few more tasks they should complete in December in order... Read more »

How I attended the University of Chicago for free (and you can too)

Today’s guest blogger is Sonya, a 2010 graduate of Chicago’s Northside College Preparatory High School, who’s currently a sophomore majoring in Economics and French at the University of Chicago. “Sonya.” My mom looked me straight in the eye and asked the question every child expects to hear the summer before their senior year. “Where do... Read more »

Like his policies, Obama's timing was bad

I know this blog is supposed to about college and other topics related to higher education. The main reason people attend college is to improve their chances of obtaining a good job. Therefore, I felt that in this instance, writing about a political speech which would affect the job prospects of so many people, would... Read more »

Most Chicago universities get an "F" in graduation rates

Despite being home to some of the world’s best academic institutions, 75% of Chicago area four year, Bachelor degree granting institutions have overall graduation rates of less than 50%. According to data obtained from the US Department of Education’s National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES), of the 32 colleges and universities that offered four year,... Read more »

C.I.A. Scholarship info

I worked in the military intelligence field for well over a decade so I know that whomever is awarded the following scholarship will have a thrilling experience. This one is highly competitive so apply sooner rather than later. Good luck. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Undergraduate Scholarship Program If you are a high school senior planning to... Read more »

When parents should butt out of college decision making

With so many colleges options for students these days, teens need all the guidance they can get when applying for colleges. Oftentimes, however, well meaning parents go beyond what’s needed of them and end up doing more harm than good for their children. Here’s a list of three decisions in which a parent should advise... Read more »