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Zavion Neely done at UIC

With seniors KC Robbins, Brad Birton, Robo Kreps and Paul Carter moving on, junior native Chicagoan Zavion Neely seemed the clear choice to inherit Robo Kreps’ throne as the emotional leader of head coach Howard Moore‘s Flames. That was before a mid-season academic mis-step lead to academic ineligibility and Neely missing UIC’s final 14 games... Read more »

Season Recap: UIC

This is the second of five season recaps that will appear this week. There will be one each day in reverse order of current KenPom ranking. After UIC finally escaped the Jimmy Collins era in August of 2010, Howard Moore brought a new style of basketball and promise to the Flames. Unfortunately he didn’t bring... Read more »

UIC will miss ineligible Zavion Neely

This was a landmark season for UIC junior guard Zavion Neely: He approached that elite 2:1 assist to turnover ratio, improved his free throw shooting, and showed himself as a capable leader heading into his senior season. That’s all in the past tense on purpose, because the NCAA ruled Neely academically ineligible for the rest... Read more »

It's a brother battle at the United Center

Tempo-free UIC

Besides the fact that the headline rhymes, I thought I’d take a look at UIC in the tempo-free world because one of the big questions with the transition from Jimmy Collins to Howard Moore was, “Will the offense be better?” Spoiler alert! The answer is no. UIC’s offense is still struggling, with a 96.1 offensive... Read more »

Not much to say about UIC last night

So UIC beat Roosevelt 94-54 last night (recap, stats) in 73 possessions. I haven’t posted about it until now, because there’s not really much to say. Paul Carter played like a guy that was used to banging in the post against Big Ten players and now got to go against a lineup where none of... Read more »

Three Thoughts - UIC vs. UIS

UIC just finished off an 80-53 victory over UIS and it wasn’t even really that close. The Flames struggled a bit until about four minutes remaining in the first half, but after that UIC cruised to victory over an over-matched opponent. Still, there was a lot to takeaway from the game. Here are three of... Read more »

UIC loses at Milwaukee, Flames to play Panthers in Horizon League Tournament

Jeremy Buttell scored 16 points and grabbed 6 boards, but the Flames fell to Milwaukee at the Pavilion in their final regular season game. Apparently two wins is the maximum amount of prosperity the UIC Flames can stand at any one time. The Flames had a chance against Milwaukee to get their first three-game winning... Read more »

Flames are searching after loss to Butler

Jimmy Collins needs to find another way for the Flames to stay in games and pull out wins down the stretch of the season. Jimmy Collins sounds like a defeated man. The UIC head coach is desperately searching for answers. The Flames are struggling and Saturday afternoon’s 84-55 blowout loss to Butler only highlighted the... Read more »

Jimmy Collins knew the UIC offense didn't work

And it seems like he’s try to fix it. The Flames have struggled in Horizon League play thus far. Teams are locking down on Robo Kreps. Unless he gets to the free throw line 18 times, there’s no way he can be an effective scorer with all the attention that’s being paid to him. Originally... Read more »