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Former DePaul standout Dar Tucker dunks over 7-footer

Dar Tucker has always had amazing athleticism. He displayed it on Friday at the D-League All-Star Weekend Dunk Contest when he dunked over Brian Butch. Don’t believe me? Here’s the video. Tucker’s time at DePaul was checkered, but he always had a knack for the electric play. It’ll be interesting to see if he can... Read more »

Northwestern has to make the NCAA Tournament this season

This bracket may soon be a thing of the past. Well the unfortunate hammer is coming down from the greedy overlords of the NCAA. With the CBS television contract on March Madness expiring and millions in potential revenue once again up for grabs, the NCAA’s expansion to 96 teams is a “done deal” according to... Read more »

Kevin Coble still has tricks

Just because Kevin Coble isn’t frustrating members of the Michigan State Spartans this season doesn’t mean that Coble has lost all of his moves. Check out this awesome video from the Daily Herald’s Lindsey Willhite of Coble making 65-foot shots on one leg, backwards. (Some more stuff from Coble is in Willhite’s blog post.)

Northwestern draws a crowd, makes them happy

It’s not often that Northwestern draws a big crowd to Welsh-Ryan Arena. In the past those crowds would only come for big rivalry games – such as Illinois or Wisconsin – and they’d make the arena feel like a neutral site game. This season the Wildcats have managed to create their own buzz thanks to... Read more »

Not ready to declare Northwestern an NCAA Tournament team yet

Yes, Northwestern is ranked 25th in the nation according to the AP, but that doesn’t mean the team’s long NCAA Tournament drought (read: forever), is about to come to an end. Sure, the Wildcats look like an NCAA team at the moment, but a lot could change during Big Ten play. I certainly think that... Read more »

Northwestern could be an elite member of the Big Ten

There are no games for a few days as teams take off for the holidays. Happy holidays to everyone. This is the second in a series of conference previews for each of the 4 conferences that the 5 Chicago College Basketball teams play in. Thursday was the Big East, Sunday I’ll look at the Horizon... Read more »

Chicago City Rankings - 12/7

Note: This is the weekly spot where I’ll recap what happened for each of the five teams this blog covers and rank them. The rankings are a combination of subjectivity and (mostly) statistical analysis. It includes RPI, Basketball State, Ken Pomeroy, Sagarin and my own observations. It’s sort of like the BCS for Chicago. I’m... Read more »

The games have begun!

Congratulations to Northwestern and Chicago State. Both get to enjoy the fruits of an unblemished record for a few another day (in the Cougars case) or so. Now if the Wildcats could just managed to keep players healthy. For Loyola while the box score from the game against Kansas State reveals some dissapointing trends, there... Read more »