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Milwaukee a big benefactor of NIT's seeding rules

Northwestern’s opponent in the NIT, Milwaukee, appears to be one of the biggest benefactors of the seeding rules that go along with the NIT. The committee has the right when seeding teams to move them a complete seed line if it will help foster geographic interest. Here’s the rule straight from the official Principles and Procedures... Read more »

What we know about CIT and CBI teams

40 teams are going to make the postseason after the NCAA Tournament and NIT select their fields. That’s because there are two other small postseason events, the CIT and the CBI. Both are relatively new and both come with some special rules. For instance, the CIT only takes mid-major teams and the Great West Conference... Read more »

Talk about Northwestern's Selection Sunday

No matter what happens today Northwestern fans are going to need to talk about Selection Sunday. If an NIT bid happens, well… I’ll jump out of my chair with joy. If a CBI/CIT bid happens we’ll certainly have something to talk about. This is your chance. I’ll be here all night. So feel free to... Read more »