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Will Davis, Kentucky, Sun-Times saga reveal anything?

The biggest story to come out of Chicago this week concerning college basketball only tangentially relates to any of the teams in the city. Perspectives-Calumet’s Anthony Davis is viewed as the top prospect in the class of 2011 by a number of recruiting services. His recruitment has already become a hot topic in the college... Read more »

Northwestern marketing and recruiting

Marketing Buzz:  The Northwestern Wildcats are getting more aggressive in promoting the program. Athletic director Jim Phillips said in a statement that the Wildcats are set to begin a campaign on Monday with the slogan, “Northwestern: Chicago’s Big Ten Team.”  This seems like a broad change in strategy from typical Northwestern marketing efforts, of which... Read more »

The East Coast Bias' Big East Roundtable for July

Pico over at The East Coast Bias, a St. John’s basketball blog, has just finished wrapping up the four-part Big East roundtable for July. You should go check out each of the pieces to see what people have to say about recruiting and personnel moves going into next season. More than half of the Big... Read more »

DePaul and open scholarships

All of a sudden DePaul has two open scholarships for the 2010-11 season. One was created by the Blue Demons finally releasing Walter Pitchford from his National Letter of Intent. While it was quite the saga, the Blue Demons were well within their rights to ask Pitchford to honor his commitment to the university. The... Read more »

The nasty side of NLIs

National Letter of Intents are one of the worst things in the college basketball universe. At no time is that more evident than during the spring recruiting season. Teenagers are asked to essentially sign control of the next four years of their life away for the chance at a basketball scholarship at a major university.... Read more »

DePaul offers statement on Walter Pitchford

The DePaul Blue Demons offered a statement today on Walter Pitchford. The 6’9″ forward/center is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan now through Richmond, Indiana and has been rumored to be looking to get out of his National Letter of Intent. Apparently that’s not going to happen, at least not right now. The official statement in... Read more »

Chicago schools struggling in recruiting

Every area school besides UIC still has scholarships that could be filled for the 2010-2011 basketball season, but it seems like many are struggling on the recruiting trail. Northwestern has had a number of high profile near misses and recently it was announced that Loyola had missed out on a player that could’ve helped inside... Read more »

Paul Carter reportedly heading to UIC

I can’t believe I missed this, but the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported on Twitter on Tuesday that it looks like UIC will be the final destination for Paul Carter. The Flames are applying for a waiver so that Carter can play for the Flames immediately. Since he’d be taking graduate classes and has a hardship reason... Read more »

Trying to find a small silver lining as Northwestern strikes out again

Northwestern has struck out again on its attempts to get a top-flight point prospect in the fold to backup, and eventually replace, Michael “Juice” Thompson. The Wildcats did everything right while trying to convince Johnathan Loyd to come to Evanston, unfortunately, once the senior from Las Vegas proverbially “blew up” this season it was a... Read more »

Is anyone ever happy in the Public League?

It seems like DePaul can’t ever do anything to please the Chicago Public League. The Blue Demons lose a bunch of games with Jerry Wainwright as head coach and the league abandons them. DePaul goes out and hires Oliver Purnell and the coaches revolt. Then Purnell hires assistants and the public league coaches take it... Read more »