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Video: Making a Wilson basketball

From time to time I get marketing emails with ideas for blog posts. To be honest, most are terrible. This afternoon though I got an email from Wilson Sporting Goods Co. They’re based in Chicago and they’ve got a cool new video about the making of an official NCAA approved Wilson basketball. They’ve whittled the... Read more »

College basketball is alive in Chicago

College basketball is alive in Chicago
It’s a known fact that most sports reporters don’t pay attention to college basketball season until approximately February. The Super Bowl and college bowl games typically have to finish before most newspapers will even consider running something about how Connecticut looks strong in the preseason or the fact that Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger is a... Read more »

Despite Butler, Horizon wasn't a two-bid league

The success of the Butler Bulldogs has some Horizon League fans claiming that the league should’ve gotten two teams into the NCAA Tournament this season, but when you take a deeper look that really isn’t the case. There was only one team in the Horizon that deserved an at-large bid into the NCAA Tournament and... Read more »

Friday at the NCAA Tournament

I’m going to be writing from the United Center over at Rush the Court this weekend, so be sure to stop over there. If Friday is anything like Thursday you’ll definitely want to be around the television.  To that end, if you want to get away downtown the Geek Squad is hosting an event from... Read more »

What to watch for today in the NCAA Tournament

Here’s are some quick hit thoughts about the NCAA Tournament today: 7 Possible Upsets (no 8-9 or 7-10 games): 12 Clemson over 5 West Virginia – 11:15 a.m. CT 13 Morehead State over 4 Louisville – 12:40 p.m. CT 12 Richmond over 5 Vanderbilt – 3:10 p.m. CT 14 Wofford over 3 BYU – 6:15... Read more »

Wall Street Journal Blind Bracket

I picked a “Blind Bracket” on the Wall Street Journal’s site this afternoon because I wanted to see how it differed from the one I would select just by looking at team names. Some interesting things happened. Note: I had to work hard to not turn this into a game where I tried to predict... Read more »

NCAA Bracket Chat!

We’re going to talk about all things NCAA Tournament brackets (it’s here) here around the lunch time hour in Chicago this afternoon. If you want some help filling out your bracket or want to dive into those 5-12 games or why the experts seem split on Wisconsin to the Final Four and the Badgers losing... Read more »

Northwestern guts out a road win at Indiana

This was supposed to be this hard. In fact, it was supposed to be harder. Oddsmakers had Indiana by 3 and Ken Pomeroy had Indiana by 4 with Northwestern having just a 35% chance of victory. Well, for once the Wildcats defied the odds and pulled out a 70-64 victory over the Hoosiers. No, the... Read more »

Northwestern in Massey and KenPom

As Carmody Court pointed out yesterday, Ken Pomeroy’s statistics aren’t the only game in town, and some of the other methods seem to like Northwestern a lot more. The example used in that link are the Massey Ratings. Ken Massey is better known for his college football rankings, which are used as part of the... Read more »

Way too early Northwestern bracketology

It’s way too early to start talking about this, but let’s do it anyways. It’s obvious that Northwestern is going to be on the NCAA Tournament bubble come Selection Sunday unless a miracle occurs and the Wildcats win the Big Ten Tournament. Thus, it’s time to look at what their chances might be. Well, most... Read more »