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Three Great Mysteries of the Chicago Off Season

The college basketball off season is nearing its midway point and there are still a lot of unsolved mysteries in the college basketball world. Coaches, players and schedules are all still trying to settle themselves as the season approaches. While there is a lot of exciting news coming out, more on some of those later... Read more »

Kyle Rowley transferring from Northwestern

Kyle Rowley is transferring from Northwestern. Northwestern’s sophomore center Kyle Rowley has decided to transfer to a program where he can find a program in which he can get more playing time according to a release from the athletic department this morning. Rowley saw his minutes decrease from 13.3 minutes per game to 9.1 minutes... Read more »

Ugly statistics from Northwestern vs. Iowa

Can anyone explain John Shurna’s terrible plus-minus numbers? Northwestern just lost to a team that is ranked last in the league by Pomeroy. Sure Iowa might have a couple of Big Ten wins, but they should’ve have beaten the Wildcats and especially not by 13. This game was ugly for a number of reasons. But... Read more »

Plus-Minus Totals for Northwestern midway through Big Ten play

Nick Fruendt hasn’t been able to escape the shadow of Michael Thompson, much like he couldn’t escape this box out by Mike Tisdale against Illinois. Northwestern has officially finished half of the Big Ten season after the Wildcats’ loss to Michigan State on Saturday. 3-6 certainly doesn’t look like the best record, but it’s not... Read more »

Northwestern wins, students storm court

Northwestern students rush the court after the thrilling victory over Purdue. Well, the Northwestern Wildcats continue to rely on one awesome freshman to get them through the tough times on their way to the NCAA Tournament. When I talked to Drew Crawford after the Chicago High School Classic last April he said that he wanted... Read more »

Lack of inside game dooms Northwestern against Michigan State

Northwestern’s centers – like Kyle Rowley – need to play better for the Wildcats to be competitive in the Big Ten this season. Even with it’s shiny Top 25 ranking and home court advantage, #25 Northwestern was no match for #11 Michigan State on Saturday night at Welsh-Ryan Arena. The Wildcats suffered a 91-70 defeat... Read more »

Northwestern and plus-minus statistics

It is hard to describe with numbers how awesome Alex Marcotullio’s +/- is in the early season. Northwestern’s victory last night over N.C. State gives us four games worth of plus-minus data against quality foes to look at. I’m controlling for quality because I don’t want minutes against lesser competition to hurt the numbers, even... Read more »

Early season look at individual offensive efficiency

This is your Monday stats blast from Chicago College Basketball. Check back later in the day for the Chicago City Rankings – here is last week. Michael Thompson has been incredibly efficient on offense thus far this year. Three teams have outperformed early season expectations thus far this season. Northwestern, Loyola and DePaul each have... Read more »

Northwestern and easy points

Jeff Ryan on a breakaway during the first half. While Wednesday’s blowout of Robert Morris was a good start for the Wildcats, there was one part of Northwestern’s game that irked me about the game plan. No matter how hard the Wildcats try, easy buckets are just not their style. Fast-break points and foul shots... Read more »

Kyle Rowley fractures foot

Kyle Rowley won’t be running down the court any time soon after fracturing his foot on Tuesday. Northwestern center Kyle Rowley fractured his left foot on Tuesday while at a basketball clinic in Chicago, according to NUSports.com. Rowley will be sidelined indefinitely. The rising sophomore started 28 games during his freshman season, but played just... Read more »