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Young drove DePaul and its results

For some background on what’s going on here read this post. A freshman’s performance was was highly correlated to how DePaul played this season. What might surprise you is which one. While Cleveland Melvin obviously had a fantastic freshman season, it appears the play of Brandon Young might have had a bigger impact on the... Read more »

Season Recap: DePaul

This is the third of five season recaps that will appear this week. There will be one each day in reverse order of current KenPom ranking. Never has a marketing plan seemed so appropriate than this season at DePaul. The Blue Demons’ “New Era, Same Tradition” slogan rang true throughout the season. The hiring of... Read more »

DePaul's season ends with loss to Connecticut in Big East Tournament

DePaul’s season ended not with a stunning upset at Madison Square Garden, but with the whimper of an overmatched team taking on a talented, NCAA Tournament caliber squad. Connecticut’s 97-71 victory over the Blue Demons was a classic case of talent taking a sledgehammer to desire. The Blue Demons were doomed from the beginning. Having... Read more »

West Virginia ready for DePaul this time

The last time West Virginia played DePaul the Mountaineers escaped with a 67-65 victory at Allstate Arena. This time in Morgantown Bob Huggins’ squad was ready and got out to a comfortable margin and maintained it throughout an 82-71 victory. There were some bright spots for the Blue Demons. Tony Freeland had a nice spin... Read more »

The foul to turnover ratio and DePaul

The press defense is a typically a study in tradeoffs. You play aggressive defense, which hopefully leads to more turnovers and typically leads to more fouls. You hope that the empty possessions and the missed free throws make up for the extra attempts your opponent gets. Well, on Thursday at South Florida that tradeoff didn’t... Read more »

I'll say this about DePaul

Committing 21 turnovers, like DePaul did in last night’s game against Marquette, is unacceptable. I’m sure Oliver Purnell knows that and I’m sure the players know it too, but it needs to be drilled home. Yes, Marquette plays an aggressive style of basketball, but you still need to hang onto the basketball.  Players whose turnover... Read more »

Connecticut's envious depth

DePaul’s game against Connecticut was a classic case of a team that was overmatched in terms of talent at almost every position. But where the talent gap became even more apparent was on the bench. And while everyone will talk about the excellent play of Kemba Walker, who scored 31 points, it was in the... Read more »

The disappearance of Krys Faber

With 4:29 remaining in the first half Krys Faber hit a lay up to give DePaul a 25-24 lead over Seton Hall. For the next 24:29 of game time Faber did not only not make a basket, he didn’t even attempt a single shot. During that time the Blue Demons went from up one to... Read more »

Quick Notes from DePaul's loss to Cincinnati

The Blue Demons just lost on the road in the Big East, again. DePaul has lost 24 straight road games. The final score: 76-60 is pretty indicative of how the game went, though Cincinnati’s defense really dominated the first half. Also, this isn’t particularly earth-shattering. It’s tough to go to an opponent’s gym – especially... Read more »

Turnovers set to decide city match up

What you need to know: Loyola (8-3) at DePaul (4-6) at Allstate Arena at 1 p.m. on Saturday Radio: WNTD (950 AM), WAUR?(930 AM), WWCA?(1270 AM) (John Fitzgerald and John Tracy) TV: WCUU (Zach Zaidman and Laurence Holmes) – ESPN3.com, ESPN Full Court Ken Pomeroy: Loyola favored 68-65 over DePaul (64%) in 66 possessions. What... Read more »